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  1. Old post I know, but do you still do egg tumblers for sale?

  2. Old post I know, do you still do egg tumblers for sale?

  3. So as a member of QCG, I should be given priority over general public and shops ????
  4. Am I not correct in thinking auction letters are allocated on the order in which boxes are entered on the night, not given out before hand ? I thought the rules were changed to this last year
  5. Wasn't much to tickle my fancy at this auction. Picked up a few bags of 4cm Livingstonii that I will grow out and hopefully build a colony. Disappointing thing for me as a seller was I put my boxes in before 4pm, there were only 8 other lots on stage at this point, and my lot was up for auction second last for the night (after 11pm). Happened last auction at Caboolture and again here. SERIOUSLY thinking about not selling at future auctions if this is the norm.
  6. I am bringing a couple boxes of africans. Looking for a few rarer Malawis or African catfish. Hopefully some plecos and bristlenose too
  7. If you are thinking African cichlids (Lake Malawi), all species have the potential to interbreed. Best you can do is try and minimise the risk by choosing fish that appear as different as possible from the demasonii.
  8. I am more than happy to e-mail pics. Also happy to have "type specimen" photos if they do justice to what fish are being sold. End of the day I want was is best for the clubs, buyers and sellers.
  9. So all good if I bring my own photos on a USB next auction to put up when my lot of fish comes up ?
  10. Hi all I was a seller at last night's auction and I feel that some of the photos last night did not do justice to my fish (One did not even have a photo). Just wondering if the relevant people think if it would be possible for a buyer to submit their own pics ??? I understand it could be a logistic nightmare if every seller did that and the pictures are a guide only, but second auction in a row as a seller and not all my fish had pictures I felt assisted in the sale of my fish. Any feedback appreciated
  11. Thinking about going and taking a selection of my Africans (Malawi).
  12. In my opinion Facebook is easier to upload photos and manage ads Facebook seems to reach more people as more people have it. Prices don't vary noticeably. Get tyrekickers and no shows everywhere, so no difference between forum vs facebook vs gumtree. One would think there would be less on here as it is an aquarium based forum but simply not the case
  13. First auction in a while I wish I had taken some fish to sell. Prices weren't great for the sellers, but better than the last few auctions. What killed the night , in my opinion, were the consecutive boxes of dry goods towards the end and a lack of fish in general, both in number and variety of species.
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