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  1. Hi, just wondering if u had any umbee's for sale? Thanks

  2. Hey Paul, just wondered if you have rainbow cichlids (a breeding pair) instead? From Luke (guy with cabinet). I emptied it out today it's ready to go

  3. Anyone had any success breeding polleni? I have a pair that have laid in the past in community tanks and then are the eggs. I have moved them to a 5 x2x2 by themselves and despite their dancing and domestic violence no reproducing. Looking for tips please.
  4. Thanks. Guys, I think you are right. Google suggested it could be a parasite treatable with Epsom salts added to his food but he isn't eating much. I will monitor him over the weekend and if no signs of recovery I will euthanise. What is your preferred. Method?
  5. Hi, My large male tiger Oscar has started having fits and seizures and smashing into everything and swimming uncontrollably. Does anyone know what is wrong and if there is a cure?
  6. My red Texas have spawned but were eating the eggs. They appear to be fertilised so I have removed the parents. Can the eggs hatch without them?
  7. My polleni laid eggs today right in the middle of the communal tank. Any advice on best way to hatch these eggs?
  8. Do you have any Red Texas for sale?

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