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  1. Still going strong , but now actively FS Im going to build another but BIGGER. Lots BIGGER
  2. ive been selling 85% of my fish on gumtree for the last couple years (hence rarely on QLDAF anymore) and i hardly ever have a problem with gumtree buyers. i try to filter out the bad one by asking a couple questions before agreeing to a sale. and never give anyone an address untll you have a confirmed time.. then if they don't so up (rarely happens) i record the phone number and any other details i can remember. A
  3. yea there is usually a corner of crub but as there not display tanks it doesnt worry me. i use a 1mm pellet usually and then a brine shrimp flake when i notice fry.
  4. I wouldn't step food in a pet barn.
  5. Advoid pellets as already mentioned. Rhino horn doesn't look good.
  6. My breeding multis have near no flow. Tanks are sumped with very minimum flow plus an air filter.
  7. Most Africans mix fine together so depends on the tank size and amount of fish you have already.
  8. Is it working for others? Won't play back on my iphone
  9. Main system video IMG_4036.MOV IMG_4037.MOV
  10. You can move here and the shell. Then one the fry are out free swimming remove shell and mother back to main tank
  11. Yea it is hoping to move it on to start the original plan, if not I will just settle for this one.
  12. Like the new site heaps better in an iphone

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