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  1. Oscars do that man they beg and grovel and play ping pong too! I used to feed my americans as much as they could eat in 5 mins, and do that daily. But it depends what food your using i guess?
  2. a 6x2x2 will hold 600-650kg's of water let alone the glass, gravel/ sand, ornaments and the stand aswell. Starts to get alot closer to the 1tonne mark
  3. if its making a scratching noise, chances are its scratching the tank :S just remember that any chems you put inside the tank, you have to remove completely... i just tore down a dirted tank, and it was a mess, mineral build up from all the ferts are a pain i just used a razor and cleaned the 4x2x2 tank spotless in about 30- 45mins without a scratch! just use some water around where your scrapping and all is well, keep away from the silicone too if your worried read the first paragraph of Peeper Corp - Glass Facts become a true glass cleaner today!
  4. when your ammonia and nitrates drop to 0 you know its all working fine dont forget, to seed your canister you need a constant supply of ammonia to feed the bacteria, if your worried just move the fish over slowly instead of all at once
  5. +1 to macropore. It really is amazing and i wouldnt set a new tank up without it! But yes, depending on what species of wood they can take years to stop releasing a noticeable amount of tannin.... should drop the cash to get $30 worth of the macropore and save the leccy, your nostrils and the miss' good pots!
  6. i certainly wouldn't take one from the wild, but its odd that theres only 1 breeder? surely the supply and demand, and for such a pretty penny you'd think more people would have a go
  7. Its about a 5 min walk from my house to a spot where you can pull them up one after the other If you don't put them back you'd be better off murdering someone thou! infact, when it rains enough the lungfish come to you XD Catch of the day: Lungfish rescued from hotel carpark | Gympie Times
  8. looking good! I like the second scape alot! as for stock, the choices are endless, look up on some online fish stores to find out what you can get in aus, then try find someone who sells some a nice line of the fish your after. Tank might be a little on the small side, but look up ellioti, firemouths and geophagus. More so, i would try to stick with one larger sort of fish, with a smaller school. It looks much nicer then fish salad, unless your into africans... ^some nice Ellioti!
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  11. Rummynose and cardinals are about the same price wise arnt they? I'd mix it up for the color, but i wouldnt get more then one or 2 types of discus. And if your after rams that look that good, your going to have to drop the coin for german bred this tank is going to look killer!
  12. Harsh lol. The funny thing is, when i lived further south, we used to put alot of crap on gympie, now that i live in said town, alot of crap gets thrown at maryborough hahaha https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=255390524639897 STRAYA MATE Edit: On topic, i heard it happening around cooroy/ noosa a while ago alot. Apparently it became quite bad with 90% fry having 2 heads... http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/two-headed-fish-found-noosa-boreen-point/346518/
  13. I think canisters can be a bit of a hit and miss. I grabbed one of the cheapy 2200LPH ones off ebay (less then $90 delivered) even came with media and a 9w UV lamp. Was so good i grabbed another one for my 4x2 and the only thing thats happened in 2 years on the both of them is i broke one of the plastic rims that holds the O-ring in place. nothing a little super glue couldnt fix But to be true, all companys have a dud here and there. You should ask a big retailer about failure rates (speaking of, anyone know someone in the bussiness? hahahhaa
  14. yea, most plants will need CO2 before they need a better substrate.... thats why alot of people mix up their own! But any specialty plant substrate will cost a pretty penny, not just ADA.
  15. just get ready for paying a fortune for it but most of them have online reviews if you want to read up
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