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  1. Flame moss and Subwassertang

    Prices edited
  2. Have quite a lot of excess flame moss and subwassertang available. Flame moss - $10 per golf ball portion or take the lot for $30 Subwassertang - $5 per golf ball portion or take the lot for $20 Also have a small amount of xmas moss - $15 for golf ball portion Pickup only, from Eight Mile Plains. Min purchase $20. Will trade for cherry shrimp.
  3. Hey,
    I'm interested in the free tank if still available, sent you a pm also 

  4. 2 x Adult Discus

    Only the brown is left.
  5. *FREE* 4x2x2 tank

    Tank is now FREE if picked up before Thursday. Buyer is responsible for moving it.. It is heavy, you will need at least 2 people. Cabinet not included.
  6. *FREE* 4x2x2 tank

    price drop on the tank
  7. 2 x Adult Discus

    price drop on the discus
  8. price drop. $250 for the 5.
  9. *FREE* 4x2x2 tank

    Hi, In the middle of moving house and I need to get rid of my 4x2x2 setup. Tank and filter will need a good clean. Buyer will be responsible for moving the tank. *SOLD* 4x2x2 tank (some small scratches on glass), 10mm thick glass, no lids - FREE if picked up before Thursday *SOLD* Wooden cabinet with doors - $100 *SOLD* Fluval fx5 (probably very dirty) with spare media - $150 *ON HOLD* 2 x 2.6kg keg king co2 bottles - $150 each *SOLD* high quality Regulator and solenoid from CO2Art - $100 *SOLD* 2 x 4ft BuildMyLED lights imported from the US - $200 *ON HOLD* 3 x 4ft MakeMyLed lights including auto controller - $200 *SOLD* Tunze co2 diffuser - $20 2 x soda stream bottles (60L) - $15 each 2x co2pro 0.82L bottles - $50 each Driftwood and rocks from $10 each *SOLD* Lots of assorted crypts (approx >30) - $50 the lot - can throw in lots of flame moss, or xmas moss, some subwassertang and some other cuttings if required Pickup is from Calamvale.
  10. *SOLD* Hi, shutting down my tank due to moving so these have to go 5 x large red line torpedo barbs - 13cm total length Have had these since 2015, no known health issues. Very fat and healthy. $250 for the 5. Will discount if purchasing with my discus in other post (in cichlid section) Pickup from Calamvale.
  11. * SOLD * Hi, shutting down my tank due to moving so these have to go 1 x large brown discus 14cm total length - $70 *SOLD* 1 x snow leopard 13cm total length Have had these since 2015, no known health issues, however not in top condition as I have been neglecting the tank for the past year, so priced accordingly. Pickup from Calamvale.
  12. Flourish over flourish excel

    Hi [MENTION=15952]WhyNot[/MENTION] My 2ft planted shrimp tank has been running on ONLY dino pee (similar to flourish but more concentrated) and dino spit (similar to excel but more concentrated) for approx 3 years now, so I can testify that CO2 injection is not always necessary for growing healthy plants. It really depends on several factors, like volume of tank, plant mass, livestock level, lighting. Plants need carbon to grow, and although the carbon usually comes from CO2, it can also be sourced from liquid carbon additives (glut, e.g., excel, dino spit). However, plants will grow much slower if only provided liquid carbon, as they take up this form of carbon less efficiently than from CO2. Also don't forget that any livestock will also be a source of CO2, and that some CO2 comes from the atmosphere through the water surface. I only add a few drops of dino pee and dino spit daily. The only other things that go into the tank are shrimp food and light. The tank is ultra low maintenance. I change water about two or three times a year. Plants range from easy low light plants (java fern, subwasstertang, flame moss, fissidens, anubias, crypts, bucephalandras, bolbitus), to medium difficulty stems (pogo helferi, AR mini, HC, rotala h'ra, didiplis diandra, ludwigia brevipes, nesaea triflora, ludwigia arcuata, stauro tropica, hygrophila pinnatifida, proserpinaca palustris). All plants are healthy, but they grow very slowly. A couple of pics taken today:
  13. some new discus, and a group shot

    Thanks for the comments Yes that's blyxa japonica... grows like a weed in that tank. The lights are 2 x 4ft BuildmyLED and 1 x 3ft LEDZEAL, so lots of lighting
  14. Just sharing some photos of 3 discus I got over the weekend