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  1. Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks anyway
  2. When you say "the right size media" what size are you talking about? And which type? Matrix? Is it possible to have denitrifying bacteria in a canister?
  3. Just want to clarify something, do you mean the ply and tank will overhang 3cm at the back? If so it should be fine as long as the ply is secured to the stand. Just lay down a sheet of polystyrene between tank and ply.
  4. Purigen or Macropore will remove tannins and make your water crystal clear!
  5. I think you answered the question in your first post $35 in Singapore could probably buy ~10 meals in Singapore with change to pay the bills. If Australians had to breed and raise a p.bass to 10 inches to make $35 (about 3 meals?) who would bother? That is a lot of effort for $35 which you could make in 1-2 hours of work... For example a Sales Assistant in Australia averages AU$16.60/hr while the same job in Singapore will only pay an average AU$5.13/hr. So if the 'seller' was a sales assistant in Singapore, $35 is almost equivalent to an entire days wage, if he sold 6 a week he could quit his job.
  6. My "Xmas Fulu hybrid things" look very similar to this in person but this photo is listed as Mbipia lutea "Makobe Island"? Could it be?
  7. Very interesting thread, feel free to use this photo in your research. It was sold to me as Xmas Fulu I was told it would look like the fish in your first photo once it was fully grown (they are about 10cm now but still look like my avatar).
  8. Thanks for the info guys I will call Red Dragon and see if he has/can get any. Cheers
  9. My friend is looking to buy Tiger Datnoid anyone know where I can find them? (if you're selling please PM with price) Thanks!
  10. I don't have experience with the pumps but there is a huge difference in rated power consumption between the 2 and they're both rated at 18000 l/h. 125W is equivalent to 5 big eheim canisters or almost 3 FX5s. but then again rated power consumption is not always the actual power consumption.
  11. Maybe to maintain a certain temperature? eg. if it drops below 25 the heater kicks in and if it rises above 25 the chiller kicks in?
  12. Is he riding with me? Tell him to call me if he needs a ride, I'll definitely be there! Unless he's driving himself?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Awesome feature, I'm sure Donny will enjoy staring at that banner everyday he logs on.
  15. argh think I should have gone out tonight...
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