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    love going to a good petshop and seeing something that you dont see at every petshop.
    message me some of your favourtie petshops in brisbane :)
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    i love exoctic, big, rare fish,
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    being a fish lover

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  1. Hi Jack I have 2 around 10-12 cm

  2. it is man, and heavy too all in 12mm glass whole tank. pretty sure its 4x18x15
  3. Here is just a thread about my 5x3x2.5 so far. started off with a leaking 5x3, me and a mate of mine tried to reseal it ourselves which turned out no good! I asked around who could reseal/rebuild it for me and got a bloke named mike (cichlidwife) i gave him a ring and told him the problem, he said he would rebuild it for me and that he did. the tank looks better than new! no joke this bloke doesnt mess around. Thanks again mike! id also like to thank crusty76 (justin) a heap for giving me a hand plumbing it up and getting it going, first time having a sump and lovin it! i built the stand myself which came up a treat. heres a few pics of it, good size little tank its a sweet growout my guppys will love it
  4. yeah was thinking about that but ill have to see crusty, anyone show me there ray tanks for ideas?
  5. Yeah Lictoga that would just be a pain! anyone out there with black sand and rays?
  6. hey fellas just wanting some ideas for what colour sand i should use for my ray tank? Black, white, or river if you could post a photo of what sand colour you have and show ya rays off that would be good! i just cant decide, help me make my mind up. cheers!!
  7. monster crusty! ill still have to come and cheack it out man
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