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  1. Hi, clear your inbox. If the Eheim 2217s are still,available, then I will be interested in one. 

    1. Alastair


      Hi there, if your eheim filters and heater are still available i would be happy to take them off your hands for the $200 asking price.

      Cheers, Alastair

  2. Best thing I ever did was buy a proper cylinder with reg and solenoid, saved time, effort and $ wasting time trying to cut corners and I achieved exactly what you want. Set and forget for 6 - 8 months.
  3. I emailed PetCity this morning and got a very prompt response saying my card was ready ages ago and ready to be collected.
  4. Did anyone receive their card? I emailed twice and never got anything :S
  5. Marine is addictive ... How long have you had the clam?
  6. In that case you have 2 options 1) Strip and have Cyp fry or 2) Let them spit and have fat Comps I had a colony Mpulungu that I kept purely to use as Alto food
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  8. 1 of my favourite plants for sure. They were worth a little bit not long ago here in Aus, but it seems like you cant give them away now.
  9. Custom FTW - You'll learn a lot on the way. Not to mention its exactly how you want it. Donny - There is only space 1 marine so donate the Cade to me (Ben said its ok)
  10. @Shon I used NLS for awhile as well as the Ocean Nutrition Flakes and it is good stuff, fish loved it, but I found that soaking it first helped. Ben has never said no to a price match to me, with some of them I felt guilty to ask, but he has always done his best. Like Donny said, doesnt harm to ask
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  12. Ben, Is there a controller coming for the Tunze LEDs?
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