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  1. First I need a positive ID on this guy please. Second is this strange habit its started in last few weeks. Added airstone thinking it might want air, even though all other fish were behaving normally. I now believe its doing this on purpose. Barstard aims at us. Lol. Thoughts?? Watch "Squirty squirt." on YouTube
  2. I am saying as a kid, did you ever run to the hose for a drink and not get the water out of the hose first? Not only was it hot but tasted plastic. Man. Lol
  3. Not sure whats released man but have been told that water sitting in your hose is bad man. Thats why you should run it for a minute before putting it in your tank. Have you ever drunk it as a kid? Tasted foul. Lol. Man.
  4. These guys much harder to strip than my Peacocks. She spat a few into the tank while catching her and I didnt get them all. Ended up with 17 fry.
  5. Thanks mate. Not eggs anymore, thats for sure. She is very black in the chin and the chin is pretty swollen. First time any female has held but only just put them in 4ft tank 3-4 weeks ago. Think its now day 16 holding. Guess ill just strip her tomorrow. Fingers crossed they old enough to be free swimmers.
  6. At what point can I strip a female? Dont have tumblers so need developed fry. Girl has been holding just over 2 weeks now. Thanks. 😊
  7. Looking good. Glad you like them. Sure they will be breeding soon enough. Good luck. :-)
  8. Awesome. Just watched them all. Thanks for posting. :-)
  9. Mine usually release around the 12-14 day mark I have noticed. I have no idea how long she held this lot for, I stripped her due tiger being black under the chin. Usually they release around this time. I have a3ft tank just for the fry. At the moment the are in a 15 ltr tank until the stronger, then ill move em. :-) Thx peeps for all the positive feedback.
  10. Pretty sure I have around the fifty mark which I think is pretty good for peacocks. Was a little worried about the size but I think they will be ok. As for MTS (multiple tank syndrome), I just stopped breeding Fighters, nothing could be worse than them. Lol. I only have 4 tanks going now.
  11. Thanks. Was pretty stressed. I have done it once before ages ago when I bought the fish from Butch he let me have a go on one of his. This was my first crack on my own with my own fish. Feeling better about it now. Pretty happy with myself. :-)
  12. I got a colony of Malawi Gold Peacocks of Butch awhile ago. They have been breeding pretty much non stop but due to RL being crazy, I haven't had a chance to save any. Well I bit the bullet tonight and stripped my first girl. Didn't even rip her head off. Lol. Pretty happy about the number. :-)
  13. Keep a small amount in the fridge to use and store the rest in the freezer. :-)
  14. I find it sad that the first reaction is to kill it.
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