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  1. Hi, Happy Easter everyone! I'm looking to start a white tile bottom fish tank and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a type that they have been using? A link from Bunnings would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. hey mate, your pm is full.

    Can I see some pics of the 4ft? i can pick up

  3. Thanks guys really helpful! Yeah I will be taking everything in the tank. (internal filters and a sump.) btw has anyone used seachem stability before and was in my situation? Do I add the certain amount daily for 7days then stop or ?
  4. Hey guys, I'm buying a 2nd hand freshwater fish tank that already has fish in it.Will I be able to bring the tank home refill it, condition the water and have it at the right temperature and put the fish in straight away? or would I have to cycle the tank again. Will be taking everything inside the tank. (filters,sump and etc) cheers JP
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