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  1. @Craigo I just had a look here for the first time in years and saw your post. Good to see @raycam01_au and a few of the old boyz still in here. Time is money so they say and the hobby has been diluted by so much rubbish it's no longer an option to breed for me (not that it ever was profitable). I will lurk around and one day something may catch my eye and away I will go again .......... Cheers Dave
  2. Colony of at least 10, may be more, from 5cn to 9 cm. Have bred, several times in community tank. Entire colony $35 PM please.
  3. Hi all I have a colony of asstd guppies, probably 30 all up. Yours for $30 No offers PM please.
  4. The Flagtail is mainly an algae eater, the scour your glass and do a fantastic job. I have had them in many set ups and they don't seem to be interested in smaller fish. But keep in mind they do grow big, I've had a few that were 35cm +
  5. I have done it as well, big pond though probably 12 ft x 12 ft. Never really lost big numbers through Brisbane winter as long as the fish were established before it hit. Best of luck !! Dave
  6. Hi Donny I am emptying the tank this weekend and beginning the design aspect, will definitely pop in for a chat regarding equipment etc. Pics will follow. Dave
  7. [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] when are you in store this week, need to have a chat about setting this bad boy up and picking out some equipment. Dave
  8. Anyone tried this out Why Real Reef? | Real Reef Rock Maybe a way to keep nasty hitchhikers out ?? Dave
  9. Well 20-25 cm fish ain't small so add some large dither fish as advised, either tinfoil barbs od silver dollars, they will help them settle a little. Dave
  10. I would always strip, fry are very hardy and survival rate was always good.
  11. I have a heap of space under the tank so I was going to set up an auto top up RO unit. I am more than happy to spend extra $$$ on the skimmer if it means easier maintenance long term, time is money. Carbon dosing ...... Another google session coming Dave
  12. Yeah that was when I was pumping the fry out. I eventually sold the breeders to a respected ex member of the forum. I'm sure they are around but who has them I'm not sure. Males get that awesome irradescant purple line down their bodies especially in breeding dress. Aggressive little suckers though like most Lepidio's.
  13. These guys were almost gone a few years back but I myself and some others I knew bred hundreds back into the hobby. I hope they are still around, a very underrated tang. Dave
  14. Thanks guys, Donny I'll get pics going as a tank journal at some time. Liquidg I am interested in your advice in not using live rock, you are saying just use dead/base rock and allow the fresh ocean water to seed it ? I have a 4x18x18 as the sump, first chamber I was thinking a filter sock and a skimmer, second chamber media and algae third chamber more mechanical filtration then return chamber. The actual tank has a single drilled return to sump 32mm with a strainer, would you suggest more holes or a different sump configuration?
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