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  1. That one i got is Jarden's haha. Yeah i remember going to Mike's and seeing that monster ob eye biter. It would have to be the best one i've ever seen.
  2. Hey guys , Does anyone have ob eye biters. Would like to see pics of the quality getting around aus. Here's a picture i took of a friends ob eye biter i'm looking after. [MENTION=10009]esto[/MENTION]
  3. The Last pic is one of Donny's fry which is probably the best ob i have. .
  4. Nah i didn't ask for a cert , never intended on breeding him. He was more of an impulse buy. And at the time he cost me $75 which was a pretty good price for a 22cm fish. I sold him to a freind and is now in a bigger display tank as far as i know. A few months later after i sold him i sent some pictures to some freinds and one freind didn't agree that it was a burundi Everyone else thought it was burundi.
  5. Unfortunately i sold him as he became too big for his tank. But thanks for your info lloyd. I was hoping you would comment on this thread.
  6. Hey Guy's awhile ago i brought a Nice display Frontosa the shop told me its was a F1 burundi. A few of my friends reckon its a burundi and other's reckon its Something different possibly a cross?? What do you think?? Cheers
  7. Thanks for the help Matthew. I brought 8 of the Hemitilapia from annerley. Also got the Mylochromis from there too.
  8. Hey Guys , I got some Mylochromis But im unsure which type i have. I've attached a photo of the 8cm Dominant Male. I also Attached a picture of what i believe to be a Hemitilapia oxyrhynchus just wondering if anyone can confirm. Cheers
  9. Awesome so where's the pics at ?
  10. Beautiful Fish Brent. That male Christyi would make anyone jealous + all the fry you have haha. And the Champs are looking great.....Love the colour in the caeruleus.
  11. Thanks [MENTION=9219]gpodge[/MENTION] . Hes about 14-15cm now got him about 5 months ago from pet city @ 5cm.
  12. Hey guys, Just wondering if this is a true polystigma or possible Hybrid?? Doesnt really show the true blotches that a polystigma has. Any help would be much appreciated. I took a photo with flash and without.
  13. Can you put Freshwater crabs up for auction? Or is it just fish. Cheers
  14. Cheers Micheal. He didnt have any ladies in the tank. When i brought him he was the dominant male of the pack. He went really dark on and off but mainly went dark when fighting with the champsochromis. Unfortunately last night he jumped outta the tank through a 3cm gap in the lids an is no longer with us.
  15. Sorry Matt you'll have to ask Mike hes already coming to grab him tomorrow. Exotics has a few around 15cm for sale atm. Not to sure on price tho. But one of them looks great nice dark green coloured.
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