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  1. Male Thai Silk

    Sold and picked up
  2. American Cichlids

    All sold and picked up.
  3. American Cichlids

    All on hold
  4. American Cichlids

    bumping devil up. happy to move the tank with him. FREE
  5. American Cichlids

    We are moving on 22nd I need to move on the tank also.
  6. American Cichlids

    Yes mate. I think he’ll have to be. He is definitely trying not to let his back end go up. Very healthy in every other aspect though. Even to the point of being boss of the tank. are you interested in treating him?
  7. American Cichlids

    Bump on the devil.
  8. Male Thai Silk

    On Hold.
  9. American Cichlids

    Too Easy Max. I've placed them on hold for you. Let me know how you go. Would nice to see them get a big tank and maybe pair up!
  10. Red Devil: M. 30cm. - Please note after showing to a mate yesterday I believe this guy has a potential swim bladder problem. As I am moving have to close down the tank this may be an issue as I don’t have a hospital tank anymore. Please let me know if you can or are interested in helping him out. Very healthy looking and eating well. Just spends a lot of time vertical. Dovii: M 28cm. $50 on hold Dovii: F 23cm. $40 on hold Pickup is Mansfield. Steve. 0435909920.
  11. This boy is getting harassed by the Blackbelt and Dovii. He is about 18cm. Will sell him cheap to a good home as he has stopped eating for a couple of days from stress. $40. Pick up Mansfield 4122. Steve 0435 909 920
  12. Trying to move this one on. Not as intricate but is good for larger fish...
  13. Spotted Raphael Catfish

    Geez... Nice price! The cheapest have found so far is 70 @ 5cm!!!
  14. Spotted Raphael Catfish

    Think I saw some getting swapped up north for p bass a year or so ago. Might have been that one you saw Dave. Will ring a round a few shops. Thanks all.
  15. sooty grunters

    Mapins gets them now and again or Gumtree. Only see a couple go up for sale a year and was looking for a year or two before I found one. Loads more character than most fish I have owned worth the wait mate.