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  1. Trying to move this one on. Not as intricate but is good for larger fish...
  2. Geez... Nice price! The cheapest have found so far is 70 @ 5cm!!!
  3. Think I saw some getting swapped up north for p bass a year or so ago. Might have been that one you saw Dave. Will ring a round a few shops. Thanks all.
  4. Mapins gets them now and again or Gumtree. Only see a couple go up for sale a year and was looking for a year or two before I found one. Loads more character than most fish I have owned worth the wait mate.
  5. My boy & girl before she wouldn't lay for him: Him more recently swimming solo in the community:
  6. Hi All, Does anybody know if Spotted Raph cats in Qld/Australia. Pretty keen to get my hands on one/some. Steve
  7. Hi All, I have had this as a Syn for a year now and am seeing other Syn's looking quite different. I know there are not a lot of pure Syn's around anymore, but this guy just doesn't any of the colours. Is it just a Fen? Maybe a bitsa?? Can I have some opinions to help me out? Steve
  8. Thanks all. He'll be better off. Jack is over a year old now and he's starting to poke at Plec. Judging by his fins am thinking best to move him.
  9. I have a Pleco in brackish water given to me by someone. can I put him straight in fresh water? steve
  10. What is the go with a male Red Devil pairing with a female Green Texas. I thought she was a boy, but was very wrong! Should I just see how they turn out or turn them into feeders? Is there an interest for this hybrid out there?
  11. He would do, but is kind of like a spider and tends to 'wait to pounce' if you get me. A very fast attack, but picks his moment. This doesn't go down well in a tank full of larger americans and natives! I usually put them down to it with a predator stick/tongs or something. He does go for the floating pellets lately though can't seem to chew them very well and ends up loosing them pout of its mouth.
  12. 15cm I have it on for 30 elsewhere, but will give him to you for 20 as your over in Strathpine. Will only eat live food. Not frozen. Loves the freshwater shrimp, fish, earthworms, crickets, etc... Actually as a side note... I am suspicious that the Bullrout is the one that took the back end off a young Festae I had. It must have been around the size of your Coal Grunter. They are a very sneaky nocturnal ambush predator...
  13. It's pushing about 18cm now and very fat! I have a 15cm one here if your keen mate. What size tank is your's in? You really need something bossier than a sleepy, but not aggressive enough to pick on him.
  14. I still have your old Coal Grunter blocka!! He's a fat one now! Currently in an 8ft with smaller Barred Grunter, Murray Cod, Bullrout, Jag, Dovii, Freddy, Blackbelt, RD, Synspilum, Salmon Tail & 3 Featherfins. All get along well, but there is a hierarchy. The Coal Grunter sits about 4th in line to the throne! I did have to move on two Bass though. They weren't going to last long in this tank.
  15. Thanks guys, I have started with an anti fungal. Was going to move onto antibacterial after that. Tank is sitting at 27 degs and params are good. What is rate of salt I should use per litre?
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