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  1. Yeah im on sunny coast and got mine about 3 years ago .. Keen to get naother 6 now and nother 4 in a few more weeks.. Whos near sunny coast.. Would travel to brisbane.. Wanting altum flora Yellow diamonds Blue diamonds White butterfly San merah Rafflesia Red melons Snake skins eruptions etc Just decent 10cm+ .. Plese pm if you guys have anything
  2. Hey mate I'm in palmwoods sunshine coast.. Am I able to come have a look re shaping the tank this weekend Can you please email or text as I don't get on here enough ... pj.barkersqld@gmail.com 0449931336 Will be buying a lot !
  3. Hey dude where did you buy the leds? Tank looks so nice!
  4. Theyre getting better hey brissy just been interracting with them more ... So true about the confidence in them hey
  5. Im on spring water man the stuff is like nectar ofthe gods constant 6.5ph slight tanin stain .., filtered through matrix macropore white , phosguard and everything else in there.... Funny thing is tonight theyre all fine not hiding and eating well....could just be coincidence ?
  6. My 32cm black knife died lastnight ... Along with an a very decent 17cm altum flora the other day... Water parameters are fine... Need to check my UV Sterilizer only thing i havent checked .... Need to figure this out though my BGK was my favourite:(
  7. Alright so what if I was to move down the scale to say .. Firemouths Dwarf acara Kribensis and blue acaras would that work ?p
  8. So you think I could keep some green terrors? If I were to opt for blue acaras and JD what sort of stocking number would I be looking at ?
  9. Hey guys I am getting out of discus and plants and getting into bigger cichlids Just wondering how many larger Americans I could keep in a 4x2x2 Was contemplating things like Green terrors Jaguar cichlids Synspilum Or flowerhorns I think the flowerhorns would have to go on their own if I got them Would it be better to only have one of each as they may get territorial if they pair up? S unsure as I have only ever kept discus I would just like a tank with some decent size fish in it .. Any suggestions would be great
  10. Yeah I suppose these are dudes keeping them in do water in bare tanks They seem sweet in my 4x2x2 ill just leave them in there
  11. Haha just measured 2 ft yeah nah hahaha.. Maybe three the space I have is bigger than I thought
  12. Yeah the water is pristine... Just the sudden suprise is all I think..I put two spake ottomans in their today after I planted some val and bomba in their they're liking the filled in space already ...If I sit in there for five minutes they're all over the place
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