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  1. is your 4ft still for sale?

  2. Thanks gave pet city a call and they can order them in
  3. Hey everyone my dads aqua one cf2400 flooded his room the other day and he is looking to buy a new seal. I cant seem to find any. Any help please thanks
  4. Hey guys was going to set my 4x2x2 up again and going to be putting some americans in there. I was wanting to know what filteration i should be looking at which wont be to pricey. Will be setting the tank with gravel, mixed sized rocks and looking at probably 2 nice big pieces driftwood. Fish selection im looking at: Green terror pair Salvini pair Neon blue acara Jaguar
  5. That's awesome man great work. Wouldn't have guessed that
  6. That's awesome man. Is that driftwood one piece?
  7. Anymore updates? Was interested in this thread. Looking good
  8. 8 tanks. 1 4x2x2 red devil on his own, 1 3x2x18 for pair of young flowerhorns, 1 2ft fry tank, 1 2ft grow out tank and 3 2ft shrimp tanks. Will be getting a better setup/rack when I have some money lol
  9. [MENTION=6774]john22[/MENTION] Update The male I got off you doing great. Paired him up with this female and now he's a dad😄
  10. Hi everyone. Update on the pair. This is my male and female flowerhorn that I dividered apart to try and pair them up to breed. I knew the basics of breeding flowerhorns at the time but as I am a newbie and haven't bred flowerhorns before, I started reading up on floerhornfun forum and saw Den's posts about keeping the divider in and leaving a small gap at the bottom. I thought about trying Den's theory at the time but I decided I would let them go with no divider since they were getting along great. After a couple of nights together they were still doing fine. Yesterday afternoon when i started noticing that her egg tube had dropped all the way down but still no eggs, I decided to take Den's advice and put the divider back in with the gap at the bottom. We headed out for the night to go look at Christmas lights. When we came back home after about 4hrs, we found that she had finally laid her eggs. I have now put the divider down to seperate them off for the female to look after the eggs. Because they are both still young, I'm hoping that the male will be fertile and I get a successful batch from them. I have just a few questions to ask that I am not sure of- How long until you can tell that eggs have been fertilised? If the eggs are fertilised how long does it take for them to hatch? Thank you for reading and look forward to getting your responses. Anthony
  11. Still hasn't layed yet but has got even darker today. They are getting along great. Like holding hands along the beach
  12. Yes my female laid before I went on holiday then when I came back after 2 week holiday had another lot of eggs she laid. So Its been almost another 2 weeks now so I'm thinking she will be ready to lay soon again
  13. I am at work now but my gf is home watching them. The female had a couple marks, skin peel off her nose a little but not bad and he's fine. It's his first time with a female but not sure about her, if she's been with another male before
  14. Hi Everyone. The past couple of days I've been keeping an eye on my flower horns to try breed. Today I noticed both the male and female getting darker and the female starting to drop her egg tube. I ended up taking the divider out at 2pm today and they have been kissing and holding lips, dancing showing off in front of each other and the Male occasionally has a nip at her but they have been getting along fine. She has been hiding away from him sometimes but then comes back out and shows off again. They have been pushing into the rocks and dancing but that's about it so far. Is this normal and are they ok to be left together over night and how long does it normally take to lay eggs if she's ready. My first time breeding so need some info please thanks
  15. She has filled the plate almost and still going
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