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  1. Will be ordering a few of these over the next few days. Thanks Ben you come up with some awesome products and deals
  2. Thanks Ben, top deal mate, just ordered 10 Any idea if you are still going to be running one on the jäger 300w any time soon ??
  3. The link is not working John, keeps coming back with Category not found. I have put this one in to see if it works. Aquael Easyheater Professional 150 Watt - Unbreakable - Will not overheat or burn. Great idea, hopefully aquael will come out with the 300w soon
  4. Sounds good mate I would be after atleast 6 x 300w jagers
  5. Have you had a chance to have a look at the larger ones yet mate ?? Pm me of you have anything available, after a few, they don't like sitting around and have a heap of dead ones here that I have to replace ASAP
  6. Hi Ben, Do you have any crazy heater deals coming up soon on some of the bigger heaters for winter for us with larger tanks ? Eg, Hydor 300w, Eheim jagar 300w With coming into winter finally a lot of us are going to need a few of these I would imagine
  7. Yeah too easy mate, you know how to get ahold of me of you need anything. Looks great in the fish room mate, very exciting :)
  8. Very cool Mick. That stand is huge mate, if you need a hand with the move let me know I can come round and give you a hand if needed. Can't wait to see it all set up, will give you a heap more room
  9. Sorry ur inbox was ful. No he didn't call last night I was home and sitting next to phone lol

    I'm over waiting for this sale but hey what's 1 more week lol

    If he doesn't want the fish I need to know so I can relist them

  10. have used matt black spray paint or just recently got some blue vinyl from jaypee
  11. There is someone but they are not on this forum.
  12. Yes that would answer half of my question. I asked if any chemicals have been added in the making of this new and improved Blackwater. True Blackwater extract is a natural product as in the amazon. I don't see anyone running around over there tipping chemicals etc into the water. With the addition of chemicals it also adjust the TDS, KH, GH and PH of the water also which throws the fish out of cycle & breeding pattern. So what I am asking is how has this Blackwater been improved without the addition of products that will affect the properties of the water via chemicals making it not a Blackwater extract. In regards to the labeling I know myself that I don't have the time to sit down each time and read fine print on a sticker each time to make sure that it is the same product. Having a different label or even different fish etc on the label is a much more sensible idea and will help stop the killing of alot of people's fish who have the original Blackwater extract (available from another sponsor of this forum still) in their supplies.
  13. Is this the new Blackwater but using the old packaging still. If it is a new and improved product why wouldn't it be in new packaging so people like myself who have supplies of the old product can distinguish the difference between the new and the old formula. And also so that it doesn't get mixed in a tank as it may cause a chemical reaction with the difference of ingredients used. Is it all natural ingredients like the old version or have chemicals been added ?? Would just like to know before I add to my tank and have more fish perish because of incorrectly supplied/labeled products.
  14. Get hold of Pete, PETFISH on the forum, his tanks are great quality. PM him and he will get back to you.
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