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  1. hey if you still have that stuff i got a mate up your way for the next week :)

  2. cool thanks guys that makes me feel better lol my missus wanted a fighter but i didnt wanna put it in "my tank" lol ill let her put it in there once he has been quarantined lmao
  3. Can you put a saimese fighter fish in a tropical fish tank??
  4. i have a few golden flathead gobby lol (wild caught) well i think thats what they are
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. thats not an aquarium its a glass bloody pool lmao
  8. im just gonna let whatever happens happen she might not even breed anymore coz she has been moved
  9. coz i dont have a male (except a long fin common) and she is a s/f common
  10. ok cool thanks steve and jules i was pretty pissed when i got home and found out she was pregnant he didnt even have any males there except the longfin ones lol
  11. hey guys i bought a female bristlenose lastnight (turns out she is pregnant) and i dont have a male the same breed (i have a longfin male) will one of these males man up and look after the egss or should i just take the eggs out and do it my self?
  12. its only 10mm glass so it sticks out about 5mm
  13. yeah sorry what do i do does that mean its f***ed???
  14. can somebody who knows alot about fish tanks strengths and stuff please call me im freaking out as mine isnt square and i dont want it to fall apart when i fill it with water 0433304816
  15. probably around 30 bristlenose and 10 guppies once the b/n get big enough to breed ill be putting them in my breeding setup?
  16. is running a 1000 litre and hour external canister filter and a 800 litre internal filter sufficiant for a 6 foot tank 1840x600x640
  17. ok cool thanks for all your help guys
  18. i have bought just about all my fish off gumtre i give it a thumbs up lol
  19. hey guys i have a breeding setup of 7 tanks i am buying brand new sponge filters today i dont plan on putting any fish in the breeding setup for atleast a week should i run my sponge filters in my established tank for a week or will they be ok if i just leave them in my breeding setup for a week??
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