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  1. cool ok thanks. will give them a go
  2. Does anyone know where i could purchase some quality ellioti from? I won't be needing them for about 2 weeks yet, so i thought I'd start looking Thanks i
  3. if you go on seahorse australia on facebook, they are really helpful and friendly there. i kept a seahorse only tank a few years back. they are just a beautiful majestic animal. when they do the courting dance, its a site to behold you really need to be on top of the water conditions all the time, if things go wrong the medications don't work on horses like the other fish. i ended up selling my horseys, i didnt have the time to look after them
  4. There ya go! I have learnt something today. The hard way lol
  5. I didn't wash it at all. Wasn't game to in case it killed my bacteria
  6. After 3 water changes the nitrites are zero thank god. I also increased the aeration thanks donny, so that's probably helped to. The fish seem much more relaxed and acting normal now to. Rummynose must be very sensitive to water conditions? I always clean the filter with the dirty aquarium water when I do water changes, but I didn't today because of the smell. The rock that released the smell is hollow underneath and is covered by the sand. When I did the vacuum I went under the rock. What that be how the hydrogen sulfide thing happened? Maybe I need to take the rock out to avoid it again
  7. i did my weekly 50% water change today. as i was vacuuming the sand, i vacuumed under a rock and straight away i smelt that 'smell'. straight away i knew it must of been of bacteria pocket. Sure enough nitrite is .5 ppm!!! ive lost 3 out of 11 rummy noses within an hour, the 8 angels are going ok, but one is breathing heavier then the others. im in the process of doing another 50% water change with prime conditioner. is there anything else i can to? I have a quarantine tank i could put them in, just wondering if i should move them into there until i get the nitrites under control. just concerned moving might be too stressful for them
  8. It's a 4 foot tank, just for the money side I think I will go with the miracle light. I mainly want the colours of the fish to stand out. Black substrate, black background and black rocks built up. Crossing fingers it should look nice
  9. Price wise the miracle light is cheaper then the fluval. So maybe that might be the better option. Bloody confusing lol
  10. thanks guys for the advice. might get the fluval then
  11. it will just be sitting on top of tank. i have looked at the fluval, my only concern is if algae will grow because its for a planted tank? do you have that issue?
  12. i'm setting up an african cichlid tank. OUt of these 3 led lights what would you recommend for them, I'm wanting something that will make the fish colours stand out. The aqualina slimline led The aquazonic miracle led or the worx freshwater planted led I'd appreciate any advice cheers
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