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  1. Just run purigen in your filter.... that's the only thing i use as far as chemical filtration goes.... never have i had a single problem while running it.
  2. personally i don't mind snails... although the tiny little pest snails can be unsightly if they have an explosion... if you don't like them the best treatment is a natural one, put a few kuhli loach or if you have a decent sized tank... a clown loach or two. Clown loaches do the best job but a few kuhli loach will keep those snails in check as they eat them when they are small; just don't put more food in for them. some snails like malaysian trumpet snails are a good one to have in the tank.
  3. If you still have it in your budget pick up a PH Controller for your cO2 solenoid... best thing i ever purchased. I have the UP Aqua reg, solenoid and PH Controller.... keeps me in the perfect range day and night, algae is now basically eradicated...
  4. Anyone have any idea where I can get some Bloodworms/Bristleworm in the brisbane area? i know sometimes you end up with them in the food or on plants but i'm not having any luck finding any LFS that have them live, they only seem to have the black worms which aren't suitable for what i want to do. or... alternatively can someone suggest a good worm for my substrate to keep it aerated? Thanks
  5. ground cover is going to be your issue with 2 x t8.... they tend to grow upwards with low light instead of along the bottom... how deep is your tank?
  6. hahahaha i had a massive Chinese algae eater, no joke it was as thick as much thumb and about 8" long... they do continue to eat algae but after they finish being small they uproot everything by swimming through it too vigorously. they also do become aggressive to other fish when they are the alpha bottom feeder. your better off going 5 otto over 2 or 3 CAE
  7. Nice... I use that reactor on a 80L .... only have to run 1 bubble per second... and that's pumping in huge amounts of co2
  8. When did you last change the water in your indicator? The co2 check is just taken off ph.... and eventually the water goes bad and needs to be changed...... I used to change mine fortnightly.... Now I just don't run one and go by the fish and plants... if fish aren't gasping it's all good... and you can never have too much co2
  9. If you are handy with a soldering iron you could use 3 xml series leds on a heatsink... run it with a buckblock and a dim4 Total cost would be 140 dollars and you can set sunrise and sunset as well as light intensity
  10. I bought the mykegonlegs 6.8kg bottle from brewers choice for 350... That's lasted me for 2 years... and it was 50 to swap for a full
  11. Get rid of the actinic... it does nothing for your plants
  12. If your doing alot of fertilizing then I'd go dry ferts.... you can get them from aquagreen... and potassium nitrate off ebay Much cheaper than buying brand name... I think I bought a kilo ot each that I needed 2years ago and I still have about 700g left for a total coadt of 80 dollars
  13. I get mine from a company in victoria... cutter.com.au You can use the buckblock drivers... I have 2 buckblock 2100mA running 8 xml series 2.... they can do 5 leds each.... or if ypu don't want sunrise and sunset you could buy an ac led driver... they do up to 16 leds in serial... or you can run the setups in parallel..... they aren't very expensive but you'll need to have a timer on those. The led controllers thougb have to come from the states and a dim4 will set you back a hundred with shipping
  14. You could build a custom led setup... they are pretty easy to do...then order a dimmer controller for sunrise and sunset..... whole thing would only cost you 300 and you could grow anything!
  15. Those are my show shrimp Nice and solid in colour.... hoping they'll start breeding again soon There are about 10 in there 3 of them are males
  16. 1 month down.... my co2 ran out last week and i couldn't get a replacement 6kg bottle for days Algae took over and went nuts on everything, despite me dosing heavily with excel. Also how should I trim the glosso? Do I just cut the leaves back to the substrate or is there more involved?
  17. Okay day 10 I've added some neon tetras from the last set up and some white clouds I bought at fish chick... also some of my yellow cherries from my other tank.... The blyxxa is sought of going through what I would say is melt... but is also showing signs of strong new growth with red... Only dosing 2ml of seachem propel on saturday (water change day) and tuesday... other than that it's what comes out of the aquasoil and fish food/waste And whoever said glosso is a slow grower was sooooo wrong.
  18. as far as i'm aware it's only gold vine.... but i've never seen gold vine sink to the bottom when it's only just been wet..... this stuff did
  19. Okay re-scaped my tank... Still running the 8 x XML series 2 leds Pressurised co2 and inline reactor.... Inline hydor heater.... I went simple with the plant selextion this time.... HM glosso blyxxa Below is a day 1 photo and also the led setup
  20. Hey guys, I've been curious as to how much radiation my homemade LED setup is actually pumping out. I've been looking around for a PAR meter but I don't seem to be able to find places that sell them. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one, or does anyone have one they'd be willing to lend for a day? Thanks Leigh Oh the LED light setup consists of 8 x Cree XM-L series 2 led running off 2 buckblock 2100mA drivers (running at 65%)
  21. Turn it on its side.... I have on of those reactors they are fantastic.... but it wont break down all the CO2 if its left upright.... unless you have insane pressure.... Lay it flat with a small towel underneath it and they are good to go.... I use .5 bubbles per second on my 80ltr heavily planted and my indicator is slwsys light green... how much are you producing/mixing with your setup? Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk now Free
  22. Fishchick !!!!!! they are a little bit expensive but the plants are always very high quality and healthy..... Bonus is they are in brissy and stock a large range of rare plants as well as all the common ones Liverpool creek aquariums are also good, but you have to wait for them to ship it to you.....
  23. at first i did dose ferts.... then i stopped and only dosed some KN03.... I'm going to try and load the tank up with alot more stem plants...... a question though.... if those plants had been growing like crazy before... what caused them to suddenly stop growing and the algae to take over? Co2 is very stable..... 24/7 pumping.... only supplementing O2 for 2 hours 3 am till 5 am..... hrmmm i did think about the soil leaching still.... didn't know it leached for up to 6 months though...... i might try cutting the micros for a week or two and see if that makes a difference..... I was always under the impression that your lights are only too strong if you start getting green types of algae.... but I'll try and get the power down some more after i load the tank up with plants and cut the ferts for a bit Thanks for all the input guys Keep you posted as to how it goes
  24. I have an LED controller.... it's currently set at 70%....maybe I'll turn it down to 50%.... and see if that helps That'll mean the led are running at approx. 1050mA
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