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  1. Not too sure yet. Ive still got to build a hood to suit the new setup, as well as sort the lighting and get the big girl cycling with some live rock. Im trying to not look at fish too much at the moment so there is no chance of jumping the gun haha. But your right, the tangs are dang sexy
  2. Now that sounds like a plan. There will either be pics of a near new tank... or pics of a drunk bum, asleep on the patio. Or both
  3. I can almost guarantee there will be some form of drinking going on removing 8ft worth of this crud... Before or after is the question haha
  4. Thanks ray. Really enjoying the rebuild so far. Just taking my time making sure everything is spot on and how i want it. Scraping 5 years worth of calcium buildup off the top of the tank tomorrow. Not really looking foward to that part haha
  5. Basic power was next. The tank will be going on its own circuit so draw is really no concern. Im running two circuits in the stand, with a total of 12 rcd protected outlets. The IP65 box holds all the excess cable from the pumps, heaters etc as well as a mount for the irrigation controller and pump/wave maker controllers. Doing it this way keeps all the electrical connections together in an easily servicable area. I have also added a small powder coated shelf for the dosing pump and accessories aswell as some raceway to keep all electrical cables running to the sump neat and easily accessable, aswell as satisfying my OCD haha.
  6. First step was to rebuild the stand. I wasnt happy with the colonial look, and after the new tiles went down through the house, i knew it had to change. I stripped it down and skinned it in 4mm a grade marine ply. Modifed the size of the framing to adjust the size of the doors, and added a raised skirt around the door openings to have the doors sit flush instead of overlapping. First coat of primer was with a brush, but even though it was primer, i wasnt happy with the finish. So i sanded it flat and did my second coat with a HVLP. The finish was much better and proceeded to do one more coat of primer and 3 coats of high gloss ultra white oil based enamel. I then cut to size the finger jointed doors to match the new coffee tables as close as possible. Very happy with the finish and think it matches the house alot better and looks alot more modern.
  7. Hey guys,sorry ive been very quiet over the last year. I decided a few months ago with the endless renovations going on around the house, and a beautiful young daughter who never seems to stop, to shut down the fishroom and display. It was proving to be just too much repetative work every weekend and was turning into more of a chore and to be honest, with the amount of work, i just wasnt enjoying it anymore. Over the last two months since my renovations have nearly completed, the spark for a kickass display has been re-ignited and after a long think about the direction i wanted to go with it, aswell as viewing a bit of reef porn from @raycam01_au, i have decided to go a beautiful salt display. Ive spent the last month, glued to the screen researching everything marine, and finally feel ready to start the rebuild.
  8. no problem at all mitch, they look like they are settling in really well, and sorry if i talked your ear off haha.
  9. i would also say burundi, nice strong bars on him aswell, good looking fish chris
  10. im hoping everything will go smoothly haha. my main concern is having measures in place to stop overheating, wether it be a sensor malfunctioning or what not. hopefully also running the temp controller as a failsafe with atleast 2 or more temp sensors, it should cut the system off the moment it goes above the preset temp. thats worst case, hopefully it will never happen reverse cycle would be nice, but i have the garage door open almost every weekend day building somthing, and would loose all the heat in the fishroom, it would cost me an arm and a leg to reheat every weekend.
  11. i thought you might have been looking at that. i initally thought the same thing when i was looking at the power quoted in the description. it wasnt untill i started trying to find a small one i noticed the difference. i think i will jump in and give it a go once i hear back from the supplier. i have found a nice little pump around the 500w mark that should get good flow through the heat pump without having to bleed much, if any water to keep it happy. with the pump to feed the heat pump and the heat pump im looking at a consumption of around the 1200w mark. not a bad figure to heat 6500l of water pretty easily.
  12. the circuit is no problem, as i already have the 20A residual breaker, cable and outdoor socket ready for my uncle to install. from all the research i have one into these smaller heat pumps, they use little power (around 700w excluding the circulation pump)to heat a fair amount of water, usually triple the amount of water i am heating in an outdoor enviroment, not a well insulated room. is there somthing i am missing that would be drawing the extra power your talking about?
  13. didnt think of that, good point. i might be able to still get away with it even if there is a varience like you say with the temp controller. i could set the heat pump to heat to say 30 degrees, but have the controller turn it off once it hits 25 degrees and turn it back on when it falls to say 23 degrees. i might flick them a message and just get a little more info on them to make sure they will work for what i want it to do.
  14. haha that's true looks like im going to give it a whirl. i cant find any info on anyone who has used them for a fish room so im going in blind. in saying that there is a lot of good reviews on efficiency of heating pools, so if it could heat a 20,000 liters pool, it should be a breeze with 6500 liters in an insulated room.
  15. heaters would definitely be capable of doing it, i just like the idea of the heat pump being able to have the ability to cool during summer as well. and to be able to heat/cool 15,000 litres of water for only around 700w excluding the pump sounds too good to be true.
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