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  1. No worries mate it’s the same size as the four foot sump I’m running now on my 5 x 2 x 2 and thanks for your help cheers
  2. Could you answer these questions for me please mate and how high are your baffles and no I haven’t got a water spreader as yet where do you get them made or do you make one out of Perspex yourself.
  3. What size is each compartment in your sump, how come you didn’t put a bubble trap in and what size is the 4 foot tank.
  4. Could you let me know what improvements you make Mackayman so I can look at them before I silicon the baffles in cheers.
  5. What sort of improvement would you do mate am interested in people’s opinions.
  6. Which one of these designs would be the best for a 3Ft sump for a 4 x 2 x 2 tank.
  7. Yeh mate I got some Blue contact yesterday I’m going to use at $ 3 a roll can’t go wrong.
  8. What the best paint to use to paint the back of a tank and what preparation is needed.
  9. Jager 300 watt supposed to be good rated for up to 1000 litres. Or try a shogun 500 watt
  10. Sounds like mooning is a fault with the Frontosas and shouldn't be breed with from what I've heard
  11. Rip ? did you have any breeding logs in there sounds like she was egg bound no where to lay if she was like this when you got her they should be named and shamed for not giving you the right advise to start with instead of giving you an unhealthy fish
  12. Um sounds sus was she like this when you got her no I think they should be fine with the others but yes they need vege's in there diet
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