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  1. Jager 300 watt supposed to be good rated for up to 1000 litres. Or try a shogun 500 watt
  2. yellows

    My first frontosas

    Have you still got these Brengun
  3. I 've got one I trying to get rid of $40 but am at Coomera
  4. yellows

    Frontosas white spot on top of bar

    Sounds like mooning is a fault with the Frontosas and shouldn't be breed with from what I've heard
  5. Rip ? did you have any breeding logs in there sounds like she was egg bound no where to lay if she was like this when you got her they should be named and shamed for not giving you the right advise to start with instead of giving you an unhealthy fish
  6. Um sounds sus was she like this when you got her no I think they should be fine with the others but yes they need vege's in there diet
  7. Is she in with a male albino bristle nose as well. We all learn by our mistakes hopefully and sometimes it comes at the cost of our be lovered fish friends unfortunately maybe pay to do some research and look up a fish compatibility chart as well sorry to be blunt but might save you a lot of money and heart ache in the end
  8. Looking at the last picture it doesn't look good sorry it looks like its insides are poking out. I give mine zucchini or cucumber sliced up the middle and scrape the seed out and weigh it down with a fork don't leave in there for more than 24 hours
  9. Looks like it could be bloat what do you feed it and is it in with any other fish do you feed it zucchini or cucumber and algae wafers
  10. yellows


    Picked up and settled in well a huge thanks to [MENTION=6570]QldMick[/MENTION] for the Yellows and was nice to meet you mate
  11. yellows


    Sold to be picked up tomorrow
  12. I'd go a canister on a tank that size and maybe an internal as @NEPTNE said you'll want a bigger tank eventually
  13. yellows


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  14. yellows


    Pm sent