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  1. How much for the l6?

  2. L134 female what price are you looking for.also I'm in cairns qld

  3. G'day mate, your inbox is full, can't PM ya. Will try again later...

  4. Hey mate can't pm you your inbox is full

  5. your inbox is full

    yeh ive got to have them gone by then sorry bud to make room for frontosa, was meant to get frontosa colony on monday but need these guys gone first to make room

  6. your inbox is full

    buyer was a no show, anychance your free for pickup one afternoon/night in the next couple days if your still interested?

  7. peppermint and l202

    thats a good price i just want to buy some for my 8ft display tank. could you pm me where he is from who sells them or if any 1 wants to sell any to me
  8. peppermint and l202

    they have breed
  9. peppermint and l202

    i need help how much should i pay for these fish. im looking at buying 2 peppermints there size is 10cm each sex is male and female. the l202 size's are 2 at 6cm and 2 at 8cm 1 male 3 females.
  10. how do you tell if its a chocalate zebra or not because im looking at buying 1
  11. Wanting to start breeding L number plecos and bristlenose, so I was chasing some fry or breeding pairs of L number plecos and bristlenose that would be close to breeding. I just want something that I can start on. i am willing to buy bulk lots as well.