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  1. Thanks for responding. All sorted now. Regards Russ
  2. Don't forget to be in the 1st 100 people to register to qualify to receive one of these FREE QLDAF Christmas Member Night Sample Bags worth over $40. Again a big thanks to Aqua One, API, Tetra and AquaMunch.
  3. The prizes just keep coming with 10 Large Bottles of Stress Coat+ 473ml from API, 4 Large Containers of Tetra Color Tropical Granules 300gm (or Tetra Bits as we used to call it) from Tetra, 10 large AquaMunch 250gm bags of ColourMax from our good friends at Aquamunch and from Sera we have 250ml containers of Granugreen, Catfish Chips and Flora. A big thanks to these companies for providing these generous prizes.
  4. We have a massive prize pool thanks to some very generous sponsors. Aqua One have generously provided us with an AquaStyle 620T Aquarium and Cabinet, a Nautilus 1400 Canister Filter and an AquaNano 25 Nano Aquarium.
  5. Hello Everyone With only a few days to go before the big night, here are some details of what is happening and some pics of the massive amount of prizes we are giving away on the night. Also just for registering we are not only giving you a FREE entry in to the prize draw, you will also receive a FREE QLDAF Christmas Member Night Sample Bag with "goodies" valued at over $40. The official times for the event are from 6.00pm until 8.30pm. We are going to close Redlands Pet Centre at 5pm for one hour while we prepare the shop and feed the staff. We will then re-open exclusively for QLDAF members at 6pm. To register, please send a PM to the user name "Christmas Night Registration" and let us know how many people you will be bringing along, including yourself. This will allow us to hopefully adequately have enough staff on the night. Registration is preferred, but not compulsory. But as a thank you for registering we will be providing a free entry into the massive prize draw and provide the 1st 100 people to register with a QLDAF Christmas Night Sample Bag worth over $40 thanks to our corporate sponsors Aqua One, API, Tetra and AquaMunch. When purchasing your products on the night, we will check your registration to see if you made the 1st 100 people and then give you your QLDAF Christmas Night Sample Bag and your free entry into the massive prize draw. Additionally, for every $20 you spend, we will give you another entry into the prize draw. So if you spend $200 you will receive 10 entries. Entries for the prize draw are raffle tickets. These will be placed in an entry box and drawn at around 8.15pm. To win you have to be there as we are not writing names of tickets. As a winning ticket is drawn, that person will have first choice from the prize pool and so on. There are about 30 prizes so there will be heaps of winners on the night. I will be posting up the specials for the night over this coming weekend so please keep checking back to see what is on offer. There are some great bargains to be had so get in early as some stocks are limited. All specials are only available in store and from 6.00pm. Pre-orders via telephone or PM are welcome, but all goods must be picked up on the night. I really hope you can make it along on the night. We had a great time last year and I am sure that this year will be even bigger. See you on Wednesday Night, Russ
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  10. Thank you everyone for your welcoming comments. The overall response has been very positive. I really do still have a lot to learn about what goes on in the background of running this forum so I will need your patience for a while until I can fully get my head around it. As I said previously I have no planned changes to implement other than the upgrade of vBulliten to the version that will allow members to access QLDAF using Apps on smartphones and tablets. I really hope this works well for members as I know myself trying to read forum posts on my phone is very difficult. I will be talking to as many people as possible to get an idea of where we need to take QLDAF in the future. Now is the time to use that feedback section because I will be reading it. Feel free to PM me (Russ) as well, or even PM me with a contact number and I will call you back. Those who know me know that I was a hobbiest long before owning a pet shop. I have been keeping fish since 1970 and I have been a member of the QLD Cichlid Group since 1981. I had some of the best times of my fishkeeping experiences in my earlier years in the Cichlid Group. Let's look forward to promoting the fantastic hobby of fishkeeping in the best ways that we can and take advantage of the technology that we have today. I just look back at the fishkeeping mistakes that I had made in the past (long before the internet) and how a forum like this would have been an invaluable source of information and support 24 hours a day. Not to mention the equipment and chemicals we have today that just make fishkeeping so much more enjoyable. So please continue to use this forum the way it was intended. Share your experiences, share that knowledge and enjoy the feeling of knowing that you helped someone enjoy their fishkeeping experience. Anyway enough rambling. Thank you again for your support. Regards Russ
  11. Hello Everyone All I can say is WOW. Just a couple of weeks ago I had no idea that I would be taking over ownership of this fantastic forum. It is really an honour to have even been trusted with the ownership by Bristlenose John because as we all know he has been very passionate about making this a forum for the people. I believe, like John, that the only way this forum will continue to grow and maintain it's status as Australia's leading Aquarium Forum is for it to remain a "peoples forum" and remain free to join. Whilst I do own Redlands Pet Centre, it will remain totally independent of QLDAF. Redlands Pet Centre will remain a sponsor as it always has done, along with the other valued sponsors for as long as they wish to continue that sponsorship. QLDAF is run using vBulletin and Bristlenose John was in the process of implementing an upgrade which we will continue to push through. This may change the look of the forum slightly, but what it will give us is the ability to use Apps on Apple and Android devices. I believe that many of you will be pleased and excited with this upgrade. What I am ultimately getting to here is that there will be very little, if any changes happening to QLDAF. As I said, QLDAF needs to be run by its members and not a corporate or commercial entity. I believe that most , if not all of the existing Mods will stay on in their current roles (just still waiting to here back from some of them) and they will continue to run the forum as they have done so far. I myself don't really want to be a Mod, I will only take on the role of "Admin" and will only really act as a Mod if called upon. I really believe that the existing Mods do an exceptional job and there is no need to change anything. May be in the future things might change, but for now hopefully things will remain the same. Bristlenose John has given me a few good ideas (Competitions, Swap Meets, BBQ's etc) that he was planning, so hopefully we will still be able to achieve these goals. So that's about it. I sincerely hope that you the members of this great forum will continue to support it with your knowledge or use it to learn from that knowledge, because that is what it is all about. Last of all, I would like to wish Bristlenose John and his family the very best with their new venture. He is a very well liked man and should do well. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see him back here on the forum. In regards to QLDAF, he has really taken it to the next level and made it a very friendly site catering to all types of people. Membership growth as a result has been exceptional. John's efforts and contribution to this forum will be recognised and remembered for a long time to come. Regards Russ
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