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  1. orinoco's altums have a "redder" tone. they demand a higher price as well. on average, from where i am.. a piece size similar to a$1AUD coin costs about $20SGD. fish is before quarantine and very vulnerable. i lost 20 pieces this season our fishes were received and exported 2 days after the season started and arrived another 2 days later. so they were really small and weak after all the shipping process
  2. I suggest you get a Reverse osmosis unit. that's good enough to remove any dissolved solids in the water
  3. It would be easier to tell when it's 3". L66's bottom caudal fin should be longer. The fish is less stocky than a L333. I'll need a clearer picture & I should be able to get a positive IDfor you.
  4. awesome big big tank there! get yourself a few more Cichlas or motoros. With such a big tank, I'm sure that given some TLC, they would breed for you!
  5. yeah, get yourself some eartheaters or corydoras.. that will do the job. I have 4 pieces of ancistrus adonis and L114 pseudas abt 5-6" in my 522, and my earth eaters are doing a great job keeping the substrate clean. I'm using fine sand btw
  6. I'm using an FX5 with my overhead filters. For a 6foot tank, the flow from the filter is not enough to help you stir the **** in the tank. I'd suggest you add a 5000L/h wavemaker to help with the water movement.
  7. Huge panaque. Have seen a couple of shipments from them. Their fishes are top-notch..
  8. 70 from me! Would be better if the pumps were hidden from view with the help of the plants Here's mine
  9. Thanks guys The tank is overloaded. I think around 20+ fishes in there.. wahaha.. I'm clearing more of the Geophagus.. sold the Red heads, and looking to sell my dicrozosters. Probably would sell my Wild rams as well. then i can focus more on my pseudacanthius
  10. Well I wouldn't mind helping you guys out if I can find it. But are Datnoids legal to be imported into aus?
  11. That's my giraffe catfish. I was nearly 18inches and I had to sell him off.. my 5footer is just too small for it in the long run. it's a catfish full of character.. and very friendly
  12. Second Rarest.. 'Wild' Polypterus congicus Polypterus lapradei 'Wild' Nigerian Polypterus lapradei 'Wild' Polypterus ansorgii Polypterus ansorgii x endlicheri 'Wild' Guinean Polypterus endlicheri and a normal delhezii
  13. For me, it's my Crenicichla cincta... There were only less than 5 around... and after my updates many people were looking for it.. and boom.. all the shops started importing them in huge numbers... bleah.. so much for being rare... It's still the most beautiful pike I ever owned... sold it to another hobbyist... this fish was featured in the Nordic Cichlid Association
  14. Yeah, you are right! many of these are so-called CT. But when I saw the shipment came, the Styrofoam boxes had newspaper inside as "cushion". Appears to be Thai newspaper, the iconic picture of the Thai kind was there... so i'm not really & i might be wrong too. I would be heading to Myanmar to find one of my friends interested in starting a fish shop there (he is a Burmese). So I might spend sometime scouting for the CTs in the region. Also spending a week in Thailand in early January.. hunt hunt hunt!!!
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