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  1. hi all just don't know where is RPC? have't went to there before. cheers
  2. thanks for your information just don't know how to make sure my release any back pressure ? cheers
  3. .Hi all I want to set up my fish room and I use a air pump which is common pressure 0.046mpa and out put 105l/min to run about 20+tanks just don't know what size of pvc pipes or any like black pipes to use. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for your information Donny.
  5. Hi may i ask how to put the air stone inside the sponge filter. Thank you.
  6. Hi mate the frontosa on hold till sunday

  7. Hi mate, have you still got the Fronnies, if so what price are you asking

  8. Hi u still have your frontosa colony

  9. if you think that is female i got 20 of them all female that's why they don't breed yet.
  10. Hi any one know what is this Neolamprologus caudopunctatus sex?
  11. Hi all just got a problem for my fish rubbed its body against to stone and sand any one know what's happen and how can i do. cheers
  12. hi how much you want to sale

  13. can i have pics my number is 0402859883 and can i know the price. cheers

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