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  1. Hey guys 3 days ago I noticed a white mark on the side of one of my small Bala sharks. it has gotten considerably worse and. Ow his dorsal fin has a red hue all other fish in tank are fine all water parameters are normal. No introduced fish for 2 months. Heater is in sump. wierd one thanks Bryan
  2. I’ve been watching them closely eating over the past few days. They seem to only take the micro wafers that fall in the water column. They don’t graze the bottom like the other species. what other foods should I offer? done water tests again. Perf ct.
  3. Only a mild dose of white spot about a month ago. Fish were all purchased through the two most reputable Northside fish stores as well
  4. Thanks guy, very hard to get good pics they are very active! just fed micro wafers and pea & prawn and they ate what was there as well as the rest of the fish
  5. That’s a red rainbowfish. I’ve kept fish for over 30 years, I realise they gotta eat. they are fed morning and night. Hi Kari mini wafers hikari wafers and algae. Also fed pea and prawn mix live black worms and frozen bloodworm. everything else has grown at normal rates Angela and loaches have tripled in size. ill try get some clearer pics tonight
  6. Hey I bought these little guys around 3 months ago. They don’t seem to have put any size at all and are kinda bent like a banana. Tank is well cycled 600lts. All other fish purchased around the same time are fit and healthy. Is this normal for sharks? It’s been 10plus years since I’ve kept them but I thought they grew rapidly
  7. hahah yeah, well they wernt cheap!
  8. these guys seem pretty chilled out, just very hungry! hahah
  9. genius! thank you very much! do they have a common name?
  10. Bought these guys from smiths about a month ago, I have totally forgotten wtf they are. Thank you
  11. Thanks mate, theve been such slow growers and its very first sign of any aggression. big fish about 14-15cm beaten up fish about 12-13. never shown the colours of the bigger fish smallest fish about 10cm? and its fine, but the very paellest looking one of em all
  12. I bought a trio from smiths about 18 months ago. always thought i had 2 males and 1 female. theve only really put any size in the last 6 months. i got home from work today to find what i think is the smaller male fairly beaten up. Problem:- 1 badly beaten fish Ph:- 8.8 Ammonia:- as good as 0 Nitrate:- was up a bit Nitrite:- zero Gh:- no ability to test Kh:- " " " Size of tank:- 600 lt Temperature °C:- 24 Been running for:- 2 years Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- internal weirs running about 12 liters round marine pure. 6 liters matrix 6 liters Mr Aqua noodles plus about 12 liters sponge ect Fish in tank:- 3x frontosa Zaire some shit brichardi i thought they'd eat 1x sailfin pleco 3 x cuckoo cats Plants in Tank:- some very poor anubis Feeding:- What food and How often - new life spectrum pellets, 1 mabye 2 a day, hikari alage waffers, fresh cucumber/zucchini when i remember and chorllea flakes Recent Medication Treatments:- just di 50% water change and added some prima fix Last water change:- previous to tonight about 4 weeks Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly about 6 weekly normally they must of paired off a rooting but Ive seen no aggression.. i don't want to loose an expensive fish please help
  13. I am the lazy aquarist! My tank runs a weir either side Of the tank I get the same sorta Media volume you'd get from a 3 foot sump. Tanks has 2 max. 2000l/h pumps to run the weirs Nothing deliberate done to slow the flow
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