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    TED got a reaction from johnbetta in Quarantine wild caught feeder fish   
    Big risks feeding wild feeder fish. We have all done it and know the consequences if things go wrong. I would suggest setting up a feeder breeding tank. Guppys, endlers, swordyz, mollys, gudgeons, what ever you like. Some people even breed americans or africans to use as feeders for bigger fish. Never have to worry about disease and losing your prized fish.
    I will never use wild feeders again after a bad experience. You learn from your mistakes and you can also learn from other peoples mistakes. Wild feeders will only cause you troubles. Maybe not the straight away but it will eventually.
    They are not free when you look at the consequences and will probably end up costing you more money.
    Good luck.
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    TED reacted to aquaholic99 in Catfish Identification   
    You can't reliably identify a species from a photo or series of photos. Sometimes it's not as simple as counting fin rays or the number of stripes. In some genus (pangasius for example), the number of gill rakes or position & shape of swim bladder is all that reliably splits a group and hybrids do blur these lines.  
    Just as you can't identify a species from pics, you can't identify hybrids either. All you can do from photos is speculate. Asking for help and expecting help from photos is a recipe for disaster. However, Australia has already lost peppermint catfish and bristle nose catfish. Possibly orangespot and some whiptail cats as well. So continuing the confusion cycle isn't the end of the world unless you want pure species. 
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    TED got a reaction from johnbetta in Catfish Identification   
    A lot of the time these types of threads are left high and dry.
    Crosses, mislabelling or just the fact that there are too many experts with different points of view that lead to arguments.
    Easier to just stay out off it and not give an opinion.
    Nice fish by the way.
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    TED got a reaction from Nos383xy in Big tank adventure !   
    Hello and welcome to the forum. It may sound strange but if you set it up properly your most likely going to have less troubles with a bigger tank water wise than a smaller tank.
    Just make sure you cycle it properly and get the right filtration and your good as gold. The guys down at age are very knowledgeable and their prices are just as good.
    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask as there are many helpful people on this forum.
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    TED reacted to aquaholic99 in Flameback confirmation?   
    Back in the bad old days (not so long ago) when wild caught lake victorian fish were getting smuggled in to order, some batches were simply unknown. Whether unknown to the fish keeping world or unknown to australian hobbyists. In some cases they were similar but just a little slightly different to known fish. Geographical variation? New species? And whether these were kept and bred in total isolation or mingled to "strengthen" domestic bloodlines is totally unknown. 
    So.... it's a mystery. Could be a pure strain of unknown or a mixed strain of unknown. And even if it's known, would it be believed? It's quite ludicrous except that it's true. 
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    TED reacted to johnbetta in Tank water to hot, fish dying fast!   
    I would all so add a air stone to your tank but u will need a air pump to use the air stone and tubing
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    TED reacted to johnbetta in Tank water to hot, fish dying fast!   
    do u have a aqiurum heater in your tank it may be faulty a new heater may be needed and set to 26 degress cheers john
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    TED reacted to rainbowrunner in Native fish art, stickers mugs etc   
    Going to have a look at doing some mugs and stickers and maybe even hats and shirts eventually, 
    First prototype Mangrove Jack mugs arrived and look great, my own pics/digital art are printed on them.
    Suggestions? Feedback? 


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    TED got a reaction from johnbetta in Who gets the one foot tank?   
    Well done johnbetta. Your always very welcoming to new members. The forum could definitely do with some more activity and welcoming new members is a way of achieving this.
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    TED got a reaction from Shanzy in Alasse's Tanks   
    Beautiful looking tanks no doubt but I may have to be the Grinch here.
    How long have you had the astro turf in the tanks. I only ask as I feel that you may get nitrate build up under the astro turf that could harm your water quality.
    Just something to keep in mind when doing your water changes.
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    TED got a reaction from none in Creek shrimp eating bn?   
    @none yeah, some people would probably share your opinion, I would gladly keep a couple of natives over the bristlenose, except for my favourites, the peppermints. Maybe not the shrimp but other natives.
    I have only one fish in one of my 6fts that is not a peppermint, and its a purple spot. He has the tank all to himself, well kind off. He does have to share it with ALOT of peppermints.
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    TED reacted to aussieorchid in Creek shrimp eating bn?   
    When I was a child in north Qld we would catch the small fresh water shrimp with a long nipper all the time on my parents property to feed our Barra and jungle Perch. Put some in a Guppy tank one day to save them for the next days feeding and the shrimp demolished most of the guppies overnight. They nipped all the tails off the guppies and  the guppies just flapped about on the bottom then at the shrimps leasure they would go eat the guppies that were helpless to get away.
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    TED reacted to none in Creek shrimp eating bn?   
    Dunno - I'd rather the Macrobrachium myself.. although I doubt the poster would share my view...
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    TED reacted to Stevil in Cracked Tank Bases   
    I've never understood the benefit of patching these types of damage.   Best to cut it out and silicone in a new base in my humble view.   The risk of failure and loss of integrity is too high.
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    TED got a reaction from johnbetta in Gingerbeer to step down   
    Sad to hear but life still goes on...............This just means you will have more time to play around with your tanks.
    Thank you for giving up your free time to make sure the forum runs smoothly.
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    TED reacted to ageofaquariums in Toxic Rock killing fish- Strategy to improve water quickly   
    Yep the 0.25ppm ammonia colour is an UP TO 0.25ppm result. Meaning it could be a lot less.
    Usually in insecticide poisoning events, we are dealing with a large pond which makes it brutal to deal with due to the tens of thousands of wasted litres.
    An aquarium is much much easier, but deaths are more likely due to lack of dilution potential.
    To test for insecticide residue, I would place some of the suspect rocks into a bucket with aquarium water, and then add a cherry shrimp. It takes a lot less to kill a shrimp than a fish.
    Due to how difficult it is to diagnose, most poisonings in aquariums are miss-diagnosed and thus under reported.
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    TED got a reaction from raycam01_au in Toxic Rock killing fish- Strategy to improve water quickly   
    It almost sounds like you rushed it a little bit with adding all your fish. The biological bacteria may not of had enough time to build up in your canister filter, and with the massive water changes, add the possibly toxic rock and bang, disaster........New Tank Syndrome.
    You could also try adding something like Easy Life to your water.
    One thing that's also baffling me is why you use the out put of your canister filter to pump water out. Its just pumping clear, clean water out after going through the filter process meaning your just pumping the good stuff away and not really sucking the poo's and left over food out off your tank. Maybe something worth thinking about.
    I probably wouldn't think that the rocks are leaching toxins unless they have been bleached, collected out of a creek or you know something about the rocks that we don't. It just sounds like new tank syndrome to me. Don't worry mate we all do it at some point, even when we know we are doing it.
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    TED reacted to humbug in Toxic Rock killing fish- Strategy to improve water quickly   
    Providing you continue to use a good quality (complex) water conditioner, and match your water parameters and temperature, you can continue to do large daily water changes indefinitely with zero harm to your fish.

    I tend to agree that your problem is more likely to be a cycling issue.  In theory what you did by moving a cycled filter should have worked, but I think its likely that the filter has crashed for one reason or another.  If this is the case, you will need to nurse the tank until the cycle is reestablished.  The problem here is that if you continue to do large water changes, you are starving the filter bacteria of the food they need (ammonia and nitrite), and will slow the process.  You need to get the balance of keeping conditions safe for the fish, but still providing a food source for the filter.  The complex water conditioners such as Prime / Safe / Continuum are your best friend here, helping to detoxify the water for the fish, while still leaving the ammonia and nitrite in a form that the filter can use.

    I personally no longer use API test kits.  I used to recommend them to people, but have seen far too many dud results now to have any faith in them.  Nitrate results are particularly unreliable, and I have had zero readings from API nitrite kits (multiple kits) despite fish dropping dead in the tank from nitrite poisoning.  If you have ongoing problems, it may be worth your while getting hold of at least a nitrite test kit from a different manufacturer, or have your water tested by a shop that doesn't use API kits, as a double-check.  At this stage its probably not worthwhile, as the number of large water changes you have done will have diluted toxins.

    If you still think that something else is poisoning the fish, then its probably worth adding another filter filled with new activated carbon.  Leave this running for a couple of weeks, then replenish the carbon and continue to run it.  Again, the more complex water conditioners should also be able to remove many forms of poisoning, such as heavy metals etc.  Prime and Safe can be used at five times manufacturer's recommended dosage without causing issues to your fish.

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    TED reacted to rainbowrunner in Life in Mickeys Creek Carnarvon Gorge Central Queensland   
    Part of my Carnarvon Gorge/Creek video project, slowly coming together
    Amazing how many Purple Spotted Gudgeons there were, but could not find any other fish.
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    TED reacted to johnbetta in Hello I'am a newbie!   
    hello and welcome if you pm jollyfish that person has a 4 foot tank and stand filter and light for $150 i think it has a heater to cheers john
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    TED reacted to TheAquaHolic001 in Hello I'am a newbie!   
    ^^^^ dry goods trader
    Welcome to the forum!
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    TED got a reaction from TheAquaHolic001 in Hello I'am a newbie!   
    Hello and welcome to the forum. You could try looking in our dry goods for sale section.
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    TED got a reaction from johnbetta in Hello I'am a newbie!   
    Hello and welcome to the forum. You could try looking in our dry goods for sale section.
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    TED got a reaction from BristlenoseGirl in Teewah ck Rhads - first fry of the season   
    Sadly, yes bristlenosegirl. Your sleepy cod is a biggen.
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    TED reacted to none in WTF is it with PICS   
    If someone can't be bothered taking pics - I wouldn't even consider buying their fish. Doesn't have to be pics of actual fingerlings for sale - but at least parents or fish same bloodline but older. Find this a bizarre thread. There are more crap fish out there than good - why wouldn't any discerning buyer want photos??!
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