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  1. I have these small creatures on the bottom of my CRS shrimp tank. They are about half the size of a sesame seed. Any ideas what these are?
  2. All, I have a large tank setup with juvenile P Bass Mono's (10cm), Albino tinfoil barbs (10cm) and a juvenile ray. The tank is really missing that 1 stand out fish to draw your attention to it. Any suggestions as to a fish that is legal that would look great here and not be eaten or get too aggressive? Thought maybe red bay snook or similar but they do get aggressive as well.
  3. Fair point. But let's think positively rather than the later.
  4. There will also be restrictions placed on the import of these species. Restrictions will be placed on to reduce the mass import of poor low grade fish sold at high prices and wrecking our market. People need to realsie that low grade RTG and green arowana may appear to look like a super red or goden aro as juveniles 15cm, but won't display their true colours until a few years old and a good 30 - 35cm in size. Educate yourselves now and have all the information before tthey are legally allowed to be imported.
  5. I personally know the person who compiled this submission and know that it will get legs and go through.
  6. .Hi all, I need to transport some of my fish from Cairns to Bris and chasing the cheapest way which is not going to risk the health of my fish. I have a couple of large barra and a couple of adult Saratoga. I've noticed that I could use a FishPac bin and fly them down, but these bins are massive and transport cost would kill the idea. Does anyone have any good ideas?
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