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  1. i would say mpimbwe, not 100% but just a thought
  2. We support breeders that support us. Trading fish for dry goods is a good example. The ones who come in, Want cash for there fish, Then take that cash and buy all there dry goods from DGS do not get our support. DGS are saying that LFS need to concentrate on fish. Breeders are saying LFS should concentrate on Drygoods. Everyone wants to sit there and say that times are changing and everything is being done online. That is partly the point of this thread. If everyone is going online what is the point of having a bricks and mortar LFS. People say that they enjoy walking through a LFS and checking out all the fish, But this will become a thing of the past if we all "Get with the times".
  3. the issue is, this is a small, very select industry. we should be able to support other stores, refer customers elsewhere for different products and so on. How is this possible when DGS do nothing but compete and try to make a **** fight with LFS? Yeah, i'll happily match most prices from DGS, does this still mean i am ripping off the breeders? breeders deserve respect, but only certain ones. As frenchy said, we will not take kindly to someone who sells us fish at one price, then sells the same fish to the public at the same price. supporting the LFS? bull****, supporting your pocket? bloody oath.
  4. bless, lets talk about expenses. because you too are running over 170 tanks, my god i forgot... silly me. by no means am i saying a DGS is cheap to run, all i am saying is that there is evidently, and undoubtedly more cost involved in running a lfs. If you try and deny that, your head is too far up your arse of you need a serious reality check.
  5. If you want to start getting antsy, take it to private messages. Not on here mr professional. I'd like to see how i am taking members as fools and misleading people.
  6. Good points all round by everyone (minus a few, but im here to debate and not agree with everyone) Lets take Fraction for example, a water conditioner identical to prime. a 2L bottle of fraction is sold to a LFS (or other approved buyer) at a going rate of $32.48. Where the local fish stores struggle? when an online supplier sells this for $39.95, the profit margin is small, very small. This has had a hard push on things, and why would someone pay almost double at a LFS as to an online store? they wouldn't. Its smart to buy cheaper right? why sell one product per week at a 100% mark up when you could sell 10 at a 50% or less mark up... This is why a lot struggle. Owning a dry goods store? what are overheads? Compare the differences between a LFS and a DGS. LFS has to cope with the massive energy bills, rental bills (erry1 got them), staff, fish food, fish deaths, treating fish for QT purposes and so on and so forth. dry goods store? energy, rent, staff, and occasionally the cost of employing someone to dust down the shelves. easy to see why its harder for a lfs to survive in comparison now isnt it? Its a difficult number to pull, on one hand a LFS could turn around and not stock dry goods and give in to the online "Giants", or they can continue to struggle just so they can continue to be a one stop shop for anything you might possibly need for your aquarium. At the end of the day, i dont support dry goods stores what so ever and i'll never step foot in one. like my opinion or not, im not saying its right, but that is what is doing the damage here. The situation would not be so dire for a LFS if selling fish online became a new way for every man and his dog (wife) to make a quick buk. small people selling dry goods on gumtree? give me a break. There are a couple of toss pots getting around selling dry goods and plants on gumtree (and i think here) which have advertised on gumtree 'SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HOBBYIST, NOT THE LFS', and to that bloke, you're a bit of a ******. if you have a breeding set up in your home, multiple grow out tanks, tanks priced up for 'customer' viewing, yes you. you are damaging the hobby. dont get me wrong, there are those keeping the quality bloodlines going but earning the title "king of gumtree fish" isnt something i'd like to be proud of. As someone who operates a LFS with another forum member on here, i see what its like day in and day out. its easy to see now why we are not wanting to support hobbyists anymore. Giving 20% discounts to QLDAF members, and regular customers is now something that we will not do anymore. Ordering in rarer species that only to hobbyist will see the beauty in, will not happen anymore. did someone mention checkerboard cichlids? i had some sitting in a tank for 6 months before they sold, and i bought them myself. is it any wonder why LFS are shutting down? they constantly try to support the hobbyist, keep what the hobbyist wants, do things the hobbyist way and where does that get a shop? betrayed by the people they set out to please. its difficult, as a hobbyist is saddening too. i wish things didnt have to be this way, unfortunatly thats the way the cookie crumbles. so if you come to me and ask me "got anything cool and exciting in" one day that might be a stone cold 'no'. although i will say one things, its good to see some change in a couple of LFS on the goldy.
  7. Hey guys, So i have seen and heard a lot from people and users from this forum, and most will go by the general consensus that all LFS are overpriced. As the number of Local Fish Stores is on the gradual decline in south east queensland, its is becoming more and more of a concern. Larger chain stores are constantly opening up and driving the little guys further and further into the possibility of shutting down. What could this mean for the hobby? im really not sure, but i have a pretty good idea. Some of the big wholesalers and not forgetting those smaller ones sometimes stock rarer and harder to get species (more so on the side of tropical fish) but what happens when the number of local fish stores is too small for a wholesaler to justify stocking and importing those rarer species? needless to say i feel that the importation of some of the rarer apistogrammas for sale will drop to nothing. have you ever seen wild caught borelli, wild caught Tefe at a petbarn? of course not, and thats something we could loose. I went for a look around some stores recently, and its good to see some doing so well.. Living Reef aquarium in burleigh is looking great, although its not a massive shop, and if you dont like discus you'll probably try to find the nearest exit it is still worth the visit. The revamped aquarium warehouse is looking ok, fish prices are what i would expect them to be, just seems to be lacking in dry goods. I tried to ask myself why was there a lack of dry goods... It seems that the online giants of underpricing and moving dry goods in bulk have driven the expected price of dry goods down so low, that a local fish store cannot justify price matching. Gold Coast Pet Centre has seen better days, and i fear for the future of the aquarium section. EFC is always a good one to have a squizz at, and if you fancy speaking to kevin and raymond for a good couple of hours its well worth the visit. i personally wouldn't go anywhere else for Americans. Smiths is good, i love the shop and the overall presentation of the shop, fish might be a little pricey but you will always get what you pay for (classic example of shop vs ol' mates fish from gumtree) Nielsens marine mates is good for marine (its in the name) but not a whole lot in store for the freshies (which makes me sad, but you cant have everything) I have not been to many LFS lately but all of them seem to be struggling (even though it may not seem that way). Local fish stores have near enough always aimed towards the hobbyist, selling only aquarium goods which is a pretty select market if targeting the general public. I feel now the gap between the LFS and the hobbyist is becoming larger and larger, as a LFS targets the public in order to keep its doors open. I Would be interested to see what most of you think of this, your experience with many LFS and what you think this dying (sorry) industry has in stall for all of us fish mongers.
  8. GBR's can go for up to $60-sh each anyting less than 20 is not german...
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  11. just a melanurus. no... its a melanurus x synspillum, x blackbelt x coatzacoalcos x zonatum x regani x argentea x breihdori x godmani x tuyrensis x fenestratus x hartwegi x bifas. thanks to the inbred ****s that like to mess with these fish, without going to a reputable source... its most likely a cross...
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