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  1. i have moliro, maswa, bemba and kiaser ikola available
  2. air lab ev20 or a resun lp20 , either would give you plenty of air
  3. what are the perameters that the fish are coming FROM, how are you acclimatizing them to your tank?
  4. Looks like 1 x female and 2x male to me but not positive, 2years to maturity roughly.
  5. black beard, unsitely to some, algae will help to remove nutrients from water reducing nitrate level, if you like the look of it, leave it, you can use (NO MORE BLACKBEARD) to kill it, also can be killed by spot dosing with glutaldahyde, you would probably have to remove all fish and bomb tank with glut. in your case.
  6. how big are (THE OTHERS) they are armour plated and spikey so some will suvive
  7. I would leave them where they are, the fry don't normally come out of the log till fully developed and free swimming, or you could put log with eggs and the male into a fry saver in the tank then remove log and male when fry come out of log and leave fry in fry saver for awhile, till bigger.
  8. when you planted the plants you would have stirred up waste ,this will cause an ammonia spike and mini cycle to occur, and the only (good healthy range for ammonia and nitrite is 0)
  9. crypts are affected very easily by, disturbing roots, sudden changes in water perameters etc, most likely a few leaves will melt but the plant will come back with new growth. wouldn't worry to much, just remove any leaves that are melting/yellowing, but try not to disturb roots. also you need to feed the roots with root tabs, EG: API root tabs or hydragrow tabs or ADA multi bottom spikes.
  10. have you checked iron level? remove all yellowing leaves, are you dosing any ferts ? what substrate are you useing ?
  11. by using RO or rain water, macrapore gold will also help to soften water
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