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  1. Not that I'm aware. I got them from a very reputable breeder up there that has quality fish and very active on this forum. I have grown them all up. I've had for about a year.
  2. For Sale: young breeding colony of Foai Magara. $550 15 in total. Looks like 3 males, rest females. Females are just starting to hold. I've done the hard work and grown these guys up, they just need a good sized tank and off they go. I'm only moving as I have enough colonies of Foai to contend with. I can ship airport to airport at buyers risk and cost. These are of actual fish plus 1 Google pic. Video in comments. Pick up Bald Hills, Advertised elsewhere
  3. Bump
  4. For Sale: Available now, 6 x L104 juvies. 4cm. These guys are a smaller breed of L number and should be mature enough to breed by 7cm. Pick up Bald Hills, $30 each Pics of actual fish. There are plenty more coming through soon.
  5. Going to auction if no one wants by sat. I'd take 80$ if keen. Should be 10, possibly 9. Females just started holding. They were bought as dither fish for the petrochromis. Mixed sexes, possibly 50 50 split. Pick up Bald Hills.
  6. Decided to give it a miss trying to breed petros. I'm a silver girl at heart. There are definitely 2 girls.... 1 big and one small, maybe a third, but stuffed if I can tell the difference... that's what I was told. 6 in total. Prefer not to ship. Just coz they are massive fish, but will if I need too. PiIMG_2519.mp4ck up bald hills. Im led to believe the 4 bigger ones are imports and the 2 smaller ( though growing very quick.... one boy and one girl) are from them.
  7. For Sale: good quality orange leleupi juvies. 4-5cm. $12 each Parents are German imports. I have a large number to move. Pick up Bald Hills, or can ship at buyers expense airport to airport. Advertised elsewhere.
  8. For Sale: Neolamprologus Similis - minimum buy of 4 purely because of tank stripping. Feel free to buy more . Similis 2cm $12 each. Nice straight lines from parents and fry. Pics of actual fish for sale. Bald hills pickup, or can ship at buyers expense. Advertised elsewhere.
  9. For Sale: Callochromis Pluerospilus Kigoma Flametails - about 18 in total. At least 3 females have mouthfuls currently. Nothing at all wrong with colony, just reshuffling fish. They are going to breed Pick up Bald Hills, or can ship airport to airport at buyers expense. Advertised elsewhere.
  10. Hi looking for some Neolamprologus similis I hear you are the one to talk to?

    1. Pineapples


      I'm looking for these too

    2. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Well I have plenty for sale. I can be reached on 0409177077

  11. Hi,

    I've seen that you've had Tinanti for sale before.

    I'm after some at the moment, and maybe some other fish.

    Could you message me your phone number so that we can talk?