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  1. Not that I'm aware. I got them from a very reputable breeder up there that has quality fish and very active on this forum. I have grown them all up. I've had for about a year.
  2. For Sale: young breeding colony of Foai Magara. $550 15 in total. Looks like 3 males, rest females. Females are just starting to hold. I've done the hard work and grown these guys up, they just need a good sized tank and off they go. I'm only moving as I have enough colonies of Foai to contend with. I can ship airport to airport at buyers risk and cost. These are of actual fish plus 1 Google pic. Video in comments. Pick up Bald Hills, Advertised elsewhere
  3. Going to auction if no one wants by sat. I'd take 80$ if keen. Should be 10, possibly 9. Females just started holding. They were bought as dither fish for the petrochromis. Mixed sexes, possibly 50 50 split. Pick up Bald Hills.
  4. Hi looking for some Neolamprologus similis I hear you are the one to talk to?

    1. Pineapples


      I'm looking for these too

    2. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Well I have plenty for sale. I can be reached on 0409177077

  5. Hi,

    I've seen that you've had Tinanti for sale before.

    I'm after some at the moment, and maybe some other fish.

    Could you message me your phone number so that we can talk?



  6. Hi,

    I am interested in the caudopunctatus, how would they go with occies do you think?

    Do you have any other types of tang fry coming up?

    Thank you so much.

    1. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Both occie and Caudos will fight for shells when breeding but will also use different sized shells.occies smaller shells, Caudos bigger ones or caves

    2. Alibi


      I have a large range of shells to help accomodate, if you think they would be okay together I would love to get a few from you.

  7. Hi I was wondering if you still have auritus for sale? 

    Thanks Jason 

    1. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Hi Jason, no the Auritus now live in Melbourne. Sorry they went last week. At this stage the Callichromis Macrops are still for sale, and maybe the furcifer kabogo..... But I do have someone that needs to get back to me RE these.


      cheers, julie

    2. Bpanther11


      Ok no worries, thanks Julie... 

  8. Hi Mate 


    Did you end up with any Tinanti? I am still on the hunt if you have breed any.





    1. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      We have tinanti yes. However they are still growing up. Cheers julie


  9. Stefan.jsp, they grow quick as, come buy my juvies, lol
  10. I was selling white knights at the auction, they were my larger juvies 😊
  11. Those Fasciatus are exactly the same size as my 6 guys gingerbeer, you seriously should have gone to auction lol
  12. Lol, just so happens I have the last juvies growing up from a white knight colony I was minding, if your interested Stefan. They are only about 3cm but the colony was stunning. I'm a tang girl, not keeping them.
  13. Shoulda but didn't!! Hey are going well Gingerbeer thanks for asking lol. We have picked up a number of great fish of late. A little diversity of tang variants never hurts. Recently added.... F1 Brichardi fulwe rocks, F1 daffs, boulengeri, killifish, similis ( with start lines), on top of all the other beauties we have. Oh yes..... And alto Fasciatus