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  1. Bump to the top
  2. I'd consider a trade for something special possibly. Not sure what though.
  3. Still available
  4. They are worth $480 ($60 each) but I'm selling for $350 for a super quick sale. Sorry I thought I put the price on them
  5. No they didn't, I know the last 2 owners, and they are also from 2 different sources. 3 from one, 3 from another and 2 I've added back in over time.
  6. For Sale: Breeding Colony of Xeno Bathyphilus Kekese. $350 4 adult males and 2 adult females and 2 younger females. These guys regularly breed. They just need to be stripped and not be allowed to spit in tank lol. Pick Up Bald Hills and can ship at buyers expense and risk. Advertised elsewhere and priced to sell.
  7. Still available
  8. I so wish I had the funds for this colony, I know you don't want to trade silvers
  9. Pm sent
  10. Most awesome little colony of 7 x Aulonocranus Dewindti purchased from Labyrinth Aquarium about a year ago. They have grown and now they are starting to pit and spawn. Females have held, but only 2-3 times so far. That I can tell there are 3 males, but 2 are most dominant. $315 for the 7. These will breed for new owner if treated right, they have started for me. Quite simply a change in the Fishroom has made these available for sale. My tanks are limited. They are seriously nice fish!!! I've seen the boys looking stunning a number of times but apparently haven't taken any photos of them, so I just took these. Will ship at buyers expense and risk. Advertised elsewhere.