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  1. They are sold Shanzy sorry
  2. For Sale: Bulk Numbers of juvie Albino Bristlenose for Sale. Will breed true, parents do. 4-6cm 15 x $90 30 x $150 60 x $240 Pick up Bald Hills or can ship at Buyers cost and risk.
  3. For Sale: Bulk purchases only. These are great looking fish at excellent sizes!!! Pics of actual juvies and parents. 10 for $80 ($8 each) 20 for $140 ($7 each) 30 for $180 ($6 each) pick up Bald Hills, or can ship at buyers expense
  4. For Sale: young adult Tropheus Kiriza Colony x 18. Good mix of males and females. These guys have had mouthfuls. $450 This variant are not as common as most, they are a beautiful fish. Pics of parents as well as actual fish. Pick up Bald Hills or ship at buyers cost and risk.
  5. Still available
  6. 6 x F1 Frontosa Burundi (apparently a couple of years old) Sex unknown, but looking at pics a couple of definite males in the group. Purchased as extras from a group I bought. As little fry these were purchased from Jonas Skoog, and as you can see are beautiful looking fish. Solid bars. $300 Ono. Actual fish Pick up Bald Hills, advertised elsewhere.
  7. For Sale: Wild Caught Rare Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis Kala and Fry $400 2 Male/3 Female plus the 7 F1 little guys. These are pick up only at the moment because the little guys are too young to ship. The pick up and moving of the little guys is at the buyers risk. As you can see this is a breeding colony. Pics are of actual fish (sharing tank with Dewindte) plus one google picture. Pick up Bald Hills. Advertised elsewhere.
  8. Hi looking for some Neolamprologus similis I hear you are the one to talk to?

    1. Pineapples


      I'm looking for these too

    2. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Well I have plenty for sale. I can be reached on 0409177077

  9. Hi,

    I've seen that you've had Tinanti for sale before.

    I'm after some at the moment, and maybe some other fish.

    Could you message me your phone number so that we can talk?



  10. Hi,

    I am interested in the caudopunctatus, how would they go with occies do you think?

    Do you have any other types of tang fry coming up?

    Thank you so much.

    1. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Both occie and Caudos will fight for shells when breeding but will also use different sized shells.occies smaller shells, Caudos bigger ones or caves

    2. Alibi


      I have a large range of shells to help accomodate, if you think they would be okay together I would love to get a few from you.

  11. Hi I was wondering if you still have auritus for sale? 

    Thanks Jason 

    1. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Hi Jason, no the Auritus now live in Melbourne. Sorry they went last week. At this stage the Callichromis Macrops are still for sale, and maybe the furcifer kabogo..... But I do have someone that needs to get back to me RE these.


      cheers, julie

    2. Bpanther11


      Ok no worries, thanks Julie... 

  12. Hi Mate 


    Did you end up with any Tinanti? I am still on the hunt if you have breed any.





    1. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      We have tinanti yes. However they are still growing up. Cheers julie