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  1. No worries, thanks for those. Will have to head out and do some exploring
  2. Where do you do these dives? Just out of curiosity, great pictures by the way
  3. Wow, good read lol. We have basically the exact same story to date, although I've got A LOT of other pets, as well as fish and I'm just starting my first reef tank but starting smaller (3x2x1.5). Can't wait for pics
  4. I've got the same problem as well at the moment. Went to a lfs today and was told that sometimes it can be high nitrate at the end of a cycling period, high phosphate levels or lighting. I'm only new to marine myself but my best info would be: If it's nitrate (which will be feeding it) the best thing to do is test your water, find out if that's it and then do water changes to aid in taking it out, if its a cycling tank then don't stress as this is just the end of your cycling period and the algae will die off as it's food source dies out (the nitrate). If it's phosphates (also feed algae and you can also test for), then some macro algae in your sump is a good natural removal of phosphate or otherwise a phosban reactor (i think they're called) which is a mechanical way to remove phosphates If it's lighting it's pretty simple, in a cycling tank with only live rock just turn the light off for a while (it won't harm your live rock for a ages) and that will control it. In a fish stocked or reef tank you just need to cut your hours back (I had mine on around 9-10 day and now brought it back to 7). Anyway, hope that helps I noticed no one had replied and even though I'm a newbie I hoped I could help lol, good luck
  5. I made this one and its for sale http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/fs-6x2x2-display-tank-3d-rock-background-52369/#post324062
  6. Thanks for your help everyone, i'll just use the bondcrete then (i was thinking of going back and telling them to order the hydrocrete for me but i'll just go for the bondcrete) Cheers
  7. Hi, might anyone be able to help me? I'm making a DIY background and im following directions from a post by Dno. He used hydrocrete to mix in with his render as a sealant/waterproofer but i am unable to get it from bunnings i was given another product called 'bondcrete' but he didnt sound like he knew what he was talking about. Does anyone know if this is the same stuff/if it'll be safe for fish? Cheers (P.S. When i say 'he' didnt know what he was talking about i meant the bunnings guy lol)
  8. Hey Dno, I've just started one for my 6x2x2. I've got everything but the 'Hydrocrete'. The guy at bunnings gave me 'Bondcrete, universal bonding and sealing agent' (still bondall product), reckons it's the same sort of thing. I read the whole label when i got home and it doesn't say anything about 'waterproofing' exactly. Do you reckon it'll be ok? (It's like a white paste, like PVA glue but thinner) and you mix it in with your render mix still so i dunno. Cheers
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  10. I would like to come but will have to confirm closer to the date...
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