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  1. Thank you all for your posts really appreciate it thanks
  2. I put some magic clear in my tank then went to make a coffee and once I Got back I noticed all my fish were gasping for air and swimming Abnormal. Then I freaked out and started putting them in another tank as you do I ended up losing 30 of 3 of the specices all the same. And some have even come back to live believe it or not. If you have any ideas please let me no. Kind regards Bob
  3. Seen both off them together and they are fine. Its really puzzling me as I have around 50 Malawis In 8x2x2 and all perfectly fine?????
  4. I have 3 Tanzaniers 2Male 1female and 1 of males has been hiding under a rock for 3 days and doesn't even come out for food. Any idears Kind regards bob
  5. Just to confirm still good for tomorrow.

    Kind regards Bob

  6. Do African cichlids get more colour as they get bigger or do they stay the same because I have been told that they stay the same.
  7. Mate I have just bought a 8 ft tank and I was wondering if I could come on Sunday do I need to arrange a time kind regards bob

  8. I would like to go a lot off peacock and zebras is that possible
  9. Just like to say thanks for all the support. Kind regards Bob
  10. So if I pick lake Malawi what options do I have.
  11. I would love 2 have all different types off African cichlids but I have no idear. What I can put in together.
  12. hi all just bought a 8ft x 2ft x2ft. Just cant make my mind up on what to put in any thoughts.
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