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  1. F1 Tropheus illangi.

    Lol, maybe on the weekend you can solve your problem?!?!
  2. Hmmmm, video doesn't seem to wanna upload IMG_6455.MOV
  3. Looking for kigoma

    Explains a lot now lol. I know it's hard now as a lot of forums no longer exist but at least try to use a fish specific resource for your information. Try this one. http://www.cyphos.com/
  4. Looking for kigoma

    Btw! I have known Lloyd to have keep frontosa for about 8 years but it's probably way longer lol. He's probably had most of the variants as well I would imagine. He's one of the few guys in Australia you would want to listen to.
  5. Looking for kigoma

    Wasn't trying to be a smart ass mate. Was simply trying to help you elaborate more on what your chasing. Anyone that has kigoma will refer to them as a 7 bar and Burundi commonly as a 6 bar. They are the bread and butter common frontosa and that's what they will be referred to by most people, especially by people that have no idea. You need to be very specific as there are so many different variants around now and most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Just don't want you to waste your time searching or going to view the wrong fish.
  6. Tropical super forte

    Good to know and get other opinions. I have always previously had omnivore's so when it comes to herbivores I can only base my opinion on my limited knowledge and that from respected people that keep tropheus as well. I do use the ocean nutrition on my mixed Malawi tank but as I previously said, I did look at the ocean nutrition spirulina product but was somewhat worried about the amount of animal proteins that was in it. I'm sure you can understand me taking the cautious approach being a tropheus noob.
  7. Tropical super forte

    Well I would be more than interested to know why you prefer ocean nutrition. Insert sales pitch here ...... I am more than open to being persuaded otherwise. Just at first glance of the ingredients listed on ocean nutrition it seemed to have a rather high amount of animal proteins
  8. Looking for kigoma

    Kigoma are 7 bars just fyi
  9. Tropical super forte

    I guess highlander was wrong
  10. Tropical super forte

    Thanks a lot guys. This is great news
  11. I don't know a hell of a lot about it as I have always kept African cichlids and there's no point trying to put live plants in with those buggers lol. I did find this that may be able to help out a little though. https://aquariuminfo.org/co2.html
  12. Newbie

    Hey Bindi Welcome to the site
  13. Tropheus caramba red bishop

    Haha, I have recently just bought a colony of what you call (fronie feeders) so I may be slightly biased at this point in time lol
  14. frontosa food

    Some do. You run the risk of adding diseases and or parasites to your tank though
  15. Tropical super forte

    I understand you guys can't stock everything on the market but everything I have heard is great regarding this product. I would rather one of our sponsors stock it so I can support them instead of someone else. wink wink nudge nudge