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  1. Hey guys i have a couple of unopened 20 lbs bags which I just had delivered. I have since bought some new fish which will be much better suited to a white substrate so wanting to sell these off so I can get white instead. $40 per bag
  2. Carib sea Eco complete

    Thank you i have actually had a change of mind now and am looking to get white as I just committed to buying a colony of tropheus moliro. Unfortunately i finally found some Zack black from a place in Burleigh and purchased it about 4 hours before I got wind of the moliro colony so am now stuck with 2 bags of zack black I don't want lol. Always the way! They'll change it over for me but now I have to drive to Burleigh zzzz
  3. Fish for Sale

    On the home page go down to classifieds. Chose what category fits the description of what fish your wanting to sell and post add in there
  4. Look only if you have a FX4, FX5 or FX6 filter...

    Must have been too excited after I watched the video lol. Is this or has anybody tried using it for a finer substrate like Carib sea Eco complete black and white cichlid sand?
  5. Carib sea Eco complete

    What's the deal with this ATM? I can't find it anywhere. I'm looking for either zack black or the black and white African cichlid sand. if no one knows where to get it can someone give me some sort of idea when it's gonna be available? regards
  6. Look only if you have a FX4, FX5 or FX6 filter...

    Can't find this on your website. Do you have it in stock and what's the price?
  7. Something in the water

    Good news bud, hopefully this will solve your issues
  8. Something in the water

    I'm lucky enough to be able to use rain water so I'm glad I don't encounter this but I do remember hearing of this issue on multiple occasions. If you were really worried you could also purchase a chlorine test kit to keep an eye on that and if your water conditioner application needs altering due to the higher chlorine levels
  9. Is this normal for a tank cycle?

    It's still well within safe parameters but I will keep an eye on it expecting a dramatic increase in nitrate over the next couple of days as would happen towards the end of a normal cycle. Its just weird that the nitrate is spiking without having ammonia or nitrate detected at all so far. I definitely tried to speed up the cycle by adding as much good bacteria as possible but didn't expect it happen this quickly or without going through the ammonia or nitrite cycles first
  10. Something in the water

    I remember hearing about this issue in the past during summer. I kind of get the feeling the water treatment plants add more chemicals this time of year for whatever reason. How many buckets you have? I would personally try filling up the buckets 24hrs prior to water change which will help dropping chlorine levels and also make sure the water temp is similar to what your tanks are running provided you have no chillers/heaters operating. Might just be a simple case of higher chlorine levels so the conditioner isn't working as it should because of that.
  11. Ok, so I have been out of the keeping fish game for a couple of years and am just getting back into it. I'm at somewhat of a loss to explain what has happened with the cycling of my tank so I'll fill you in and give me your thoughts. I started off with putting a specialist cichlid substrate (brand new) in, using some existing filter media from an established tank and also some ornaments from an established tank. Its about day 12 now and I haven't had any ammonia or nitrites present in daily tests at all. Checked nitrate today and it registered about 10ppm. Is this normal considering the pre measures I took to expedite my cycle?
  12. Awesome, might have to pop down at some time soon
  13. Still have any of the males?