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  1. My first official marine tank had water put in on Monday I went for the Real Reef Rock in my nano. I couldn't agree more about live rock. I've seen enough horror coming out of live rock that it wasn't even a consideration when setting this one up. Really looking forward to seeing your pics with the south seas rock!!
  2. I am going to astroturf around the pond and hopefully have a metal frame made up to use as a cover. Still looking into this at the moment. Really needing some ideas. It will hopefully extend over so I can have some seating around the pond somehow. I have about 25 fruit trees to put around the outside (Feijoas, Guavas, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Boysenberries, Native Raspberries, Tamarillos, Finger Limes, Mini Limes etc). Then hopefully some kind of floating carnivorous planter in the pond. Yeah, he is certainly a spoilt fish. He is my permanent reminder to not buy anything without researching beforehand. "30cm max he will get"....got there in about 12 months. LOL.
  3. This pond was bought for my eel tail catfish He is around the 40+ cm stage now and is hyper aggressive. I am hoping to try (again) and put some friends in the pond with him but...realistically....he hates everything. Lid smashing, tank busting fatty he is. I dont hold any hope of him making friends now. So yeah, 7ft pond for one eel tail catfish is the current plan. I am also very heavily into carnivorous plants/terrariums/paludariums etc so I am looking at incorporating them in some way just so I feel a bit better about how much he has cost me hahahahaha.
  4. So far, so good Just got to insulate inside the frame and decide on a filter.
  5. LOL computer had full meltdown uploading pics. Shall try again..... Before pics-
  6. Hey guys, I thought I would share some photos of one of my projects that I have been working on for a while. I bought the pond over 12 months ago now and I have been waiting to move house to finally set it up. I have finally moved and started getting it ready! This is the framework for the pond and how it has looked since I bought it. I had a lot of different ideas of what to do with it but couldn't decide on anything. [ATTACH=CONFIG]74780[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]74781[/ATTACH] A couple of months ago I decided the frame needed to be black. I went to Bunnings and got my paint. It then rained for the next three weekends.....BUT I got it done. Eventually. [ATTACH=CONFIG]74782[/ATTACH]
  7. From what I read, that aquarium lost all their fish due to a chemical mix up. Instead of Trichlorfon, they dosed hydroquinone. The company that sells the product mislabeled it...apparently. I have definitely heard of meds killing fish though (or at least fish dying off after treatment). Unfortunately there are so many other factors that contribute to the success of a med that it's hard to blame them 100% of the time if something bad occurs. I have lost BN after fluke treatment though It sucks.
  8. Sorry Only just saw this. Big weekend. Ummm.....When I was breeding last I was getting between $3-$10 depending on size of the yabby. I might have some in the next 3 months or so. Mum has just started dropping a tail of babies
  9. They breed 100% true. All the babies are white until about the 2-3cm stage. Then they all go the same colour as the mum. The dad was originally pretty much the same colour as mum but the older he got, and the more molts he got through, the lighter he got. Heres some old pics of the babies. They are Cherax Quadricarinatus (like yours). You can see the faintest blue tinge coming through.
  10. Thanks The females have a lot more colour but he was my beast. This is Erroll's breeding female. I am currently breeding from their babies Ignore her weird face lol, I dropped her during a tank transfer and a bit snapped off. Even after 2 years (and many molts) it still never grew back.
  11. That was my big breeding male Erroll. He really was that white. Beautiful opal. Dad to ALOT of babies.
  12. I was living at home at the time. It wasn't appreciated at all I can assure you. My yabby addiction is tolerated. Barely.
  13. I was breeding yabbies in tanks in the house for a couple of years. One point I had like 1500 babies spread out over a few tanks around the house lol. I have found many underneath my bed, in a perfectly dried state. I have also forgot to put a lid back on a tank and came home to screams and the hallway full of babies racing each other up the tiles. My big boy was over 25cm. He got out once when I left a lid off after a water change. It was middle of summer and I found him in our crazy hot garage, under a tool chest covered in dirt and oil. I washed him off and he kept going for another 18 months I LOVE yabbys. Best pets.
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