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  1. Hey guys! So the next step in my american display is i'm thinking of putting some sort of grass or reed like plant all along the back of my tank..it's tinted at the back anyway, so I thought it might look sweet having a sort of background where it looks as though some sort of long water plant/grass covers it, so my tank ends up like a clearing in the water, if you know what I mean? Anyway, what sort of plant would I be looking at? Or any other suggestions? I know cichlids like to rip up plants...so I might lplace larger rocks along the back too, so they can't get to the roots. to further imagine what I mean because I suck at explaining It's sort of like a screen, as if someone put a 6ft keystone strip at the back and had bubbles streaming up, replace the bubbles with a grass like plant?
  2. thanks for the suggestion mate! Awesome service and really happy with my buy! He directed me away from the air pump and to the internel filter, now for he same price I would of spent I have added 2000l/hr to my tank and swiveled it up to break the surface, the water flow is insane!
  3. awesome man thanks! I always am weary of asking the shop keepers because they might want money then your best interest...but I have noticed a couple of LFS who are genuinely interested in your needs so i'll give them a go
  4. Hey guys, I need an air pump for my 6 x2 x 2. I went to set up several of the ones I own last night...none of them pump air towards the bottom... SO the question is.. can anyone recommend one that will blast the crap out of the water at that deep? I want two valves so I can have at least two sponge filters going...but any airstone will do, I just need to oxygenate the water. Reason for quick reply, I am going to age of aquariums in the next hour!
  5. do you have a favorite fish? Mine is my oscar if I lost him it would kill
  6. but worried about all the other things the guys said...the detergent would probably be long gone and the least of your worries
  7. if the timber itself is alright...has it been sitting in the sun and had a chance to dry out? If so I wouldn't be worried about the detergent at all
  8. when is it/where and who runs it? I haven't heard of this one...but sounds big
  9. thanks mate, now I need to find out how to make a sump..
  10. they were all in a 4 x 18 x 18 for months and lived quite happily...the filtration at the moment is a 2000l/hr and a 1000l/hr canister filter on the 6 ft... I need to upgrade fairly fast to keep a larger amount of cichlids
  11. Hey guys, just starting a little project (unsure whether to put this in the general discussion or the DIY, so moderator please move accordingly!) on making an american cichlid display tank. I'm not strictly keeping one region of cichlids, for example i have a jack dempsey split, braziliensis and an oscar (not to mention a few L numbers and 2 plecos) I am going to pick up 3 red texas on wednesday, but will probably only keep one or two for the display. It's a 6 x 2 x 2 tank. I will be adding a few more fish yet, we will see how agression goes, I may have to dump a few in to share it out, or remove some so i'll be keeping a close eye on them. I have kept americans before, although I am still a beginner to them in some ways, only having kept a few different ones and am still finding more and more american cichlid species. so the long winded question is, what should a display look like for them? I realise due to the keeping of different regions i'm mashing several environments into one, but I was thinking of going a more driftwood amazon look? And how would I pull it off? Ideas on where I can get the stuff and what to use would be much appreciated. If you think I should change my idea of the display to suit another environent let us know and give us some guidence, i'm all ears. Cheers
  12. thanks mate that was super helpful! Now to get better at woodworking..
  13. Oscars will be Oscars, they are very interactive, and somewhat 'moodie' fish. mine starts doing 360's randomly, splashing the water everywhere when he wants attention, if he doesn't get much food or attention he'll start attacking other fish, and when i'm away for days on end he gets quite sulkie. How did he end up going i noticed this is near a month ago now
  14. have you got some instructions on how to do it or anything? How did you make the sides etc?
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