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  2. Columnaris ? Columnaris disease (mouth rot, mouth fungus, flex) in aquarium fish Columnaris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Intrigued now .. seems a few are doing it Color enhancement, explained | Sonny's Fish Room
  4. I had my Tapajos on black sand and they definitely didn't like it (assumed their dark brooding colours and stayed that way) . In my case I'm not sure if it was because they didn't like being over a dark surface or if they didn't like the coarseness of the sand (black quartz like sand mixed with islands of large black pebbles (both imported from China)). I switched back to play sand and they perked up immediately.
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  6. I always considered Cycling to be a relatively invisible process (awaiting sufficient bacterial colonies) so I'm wondering what "by the look of it" means ... what is happening in that other tank?
  7. What size filters? And how long have the filters been set up? What frequency of water change? Flow rate is far less important than amount of filtration and quality of the water.
  8. Just provided my opinions to the product review site moderators ... easy to do - just register a username, click on the flags , and wax lyrical. If enough people provide some honest feedback to the comments posted re: "salesperson" Donny .... I'm sure the site will take some appropriate action
  9. Altifrons do seem very similar to Brachybranchus (tail markings / colour) but easy to spot because only Brachy have a large lateral spot and a black throat.
  10. Small amounts of lead in your tank (ie plant anchors) are fine in your tank. That dark grey surface colour of lead is a oxide which is insoluble in water (the reason lead was so popular for sealing roofs and in plumbing)
  11. I'd guess Geophagus Sp Pindare for the second fish but a better shot of the tail would be handy
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Sorry ..... I missed your intent there Sure rope is handy in this situation .... but I usually prefer the random circumstance and the infinite number of outcomes that result from asking my wife to hold the unit whilst I make the adjustments
  14. I've always preferred the security of screws to rope ...... but given the simple nature of UV units (a straight pass through with a small UV bulb and no moving parts), and providing you cant find anything on the box, instructions, or unit about correct placement / orientation ... my guess would be 'anyway you like'
  15. UV should go last in line ... i.e water passes through canisters and then filtered water through the UV unit Aquarium UV Sterilizer - Ultraviolet Sterilizer Then again ... maybe that is how you have drawn it
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