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  1. A big thank you to G&K Lloyd-Jones. They are giving us not just one, but TEN x Macropore 500ml each with a BONUS Media Bag to giveaway as prizes.
  2. We have six more prizes to add. If you haven't heard of these filters or just don't know much about them have a look at these you tube videos: and
  3. Hello Everyone With the help of some of our valued suppliers we have put together another "FREE Giveaway Pack" this year. It has a retail value of over $40. *The first 100 people that spend $50 or more in one transaction will receive one of these FREE Giveaway Packs.
  4. Hello Everyone With the help of some of our valued suppliers we have put together another "FREE Giveaway Pack" this year. It has a retail value of over $40. *The first 100 people that spend $50 or more in one transaction will receive one of these FREE Giveaway Packs.
  5. Our major sponsor is Aqua One. They are assisting us in providing the following prizes:
  6. Hello Everyone We have some great prizes and giveaways this year. They are not all ready for announcing but as they become available I will post them here. Like last year, entry in the prize draws will come from the dollar amounts spent. I will post more details closer to the night.
  7. Sorry guys, there is a separate section for registration which I have just posted. If you could please record your details there it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This is the information we require for our new computer system and for registration for the Christmas Member Night. This first section is an example. The following is the actual template. Example Mobile Phone Number: 0455 555 555 (This number will become your user number for Redlands Pet Centre to identify you as a QLDAF member. If you don't have a mobile number, any number will do, you just need to provide this number to our staff when making your purchases. If you don't, you won't receive QLDAF Member pricing) Name: Tony Starkles Address: Street 27 Smith Street Suburb Capalaba State Queensland Postcode 4157 Home Telephone Number: 3245 5555 Mobile Phone Number: 0455 555 555 Email Address: tonystarkles@bigpond.com.au Number of People coming including yourself: 2 Template: Mobile Phone Number: Name: Address: Street Suburb State Postcode Home Telephone Number: Mobile Phone Number: Email Address: Number of People coming including yourself: PLEASE SEND THIS INFORMATION VIA PM TO Redlands Pet Centre.
  9. Hello Everyone Sorry for the delay in getting this information up. I see that many of you are coming along so it should be a good night. In the next post below will be a template for registration. We need people to register for 2 reasons: I need to know how many people are coming so I can calculate how many staff are needed. Also as we are using the area in front of the shop we also need to let the shopping centre know how many people are coming as they will need to provide extra security on the night based on the extra influx or people at that time. Since last year we have upgraded our Point of Sale system. We now need to have your details in our system to be able to offer you the discounted products, not just on the night but in the future as well. We won't have time on the night to set up new customer details. Some of you will have already gone through this process but just to make sure, can you please register your details again to make sure that you don't miss out on any discounts on the night, plus we still need to know that you are coming along. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this year and hope that we all have a great time like last year. Regards Russ
  10. Hello Everyone It is that time again when we get together for our annual Christmas Party. Like last year there will be heaps of giveaways and prizes on the night and it is a great chance to meet or catch up with other QLDAF members. If you are coming we will require you to register to be eligible to receive the discounted prices and win prizes on the night. Details of this will follow later. Regards Russ Redlands Pet Centre
  11. Hi We have two Massivore 1kg in stock. Have a look at this old link for Massivore pricing. Link is old, pricing is still current on both Massivore sizes. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/redlands-pet-centre-126/christmas-member-night-specials-fish-food-80480/ If you can't make it in to our store we can ship it to you. Shipping costs start at $6.50 and won't exceed $10.55. It just depends where you live. Regards Russ
  12. Thank you everyone for your thanks and feedback. It is greatly appreciated. It was a great night and great to see members meeting each other face to face for the first time. It has been suggested that we have name tag stickers for QLDAF Members next time, which I fully support. However last year when I wanted to do this many people didn't want to do it, so that is why we didn't even suggest it this year. Your opinions on this idea would be appreciated as I would really like to do it next year, but I don't want to make people do something they don't want to. Thanks again to everyone that supported the night. I was great to see so many people there. Regards Russ
  13. Hello Everyone We may need some help tonight with a few things. If anyone can help us out it would be appreciated. Regards Russ
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