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  1. Hi all just wondering where I would be able to catch bullrout in the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast area and what the best method is? And are there any regulations on size? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I was wondering if it is possible for fish to have corrective surgery to fix a bent spine? has anyone had it done, is it even possible? cheers
  3. Where is a good place to search for good quality stock?
  4. I would be looking to import some dovii, jag, umbee and Cubans. Some new strains to breed.
  5. Could someone please fill me in on the imports laws on getting Americans in and how it can be done. thanks
  6. WOW how old is he? do you have any pictures to share please?
  7. Hi have been reading about dovii and most places say that they have a max size of 70cm some even say more. There is a lot of mixed readings on how big they can really get? He would be housed in a very large pond/tank. what at everyone's experiences with them and has anyone ever seen/ owned a monster dovii. cheers
  8. Awesome clip [MENTION=6679]aqc247[/MENTION] Will do
  9. Does anyone still have some emperor cichlids or managed to get a breeding pair going? would love to hear about them thanks
  10. Hi guys Just got myself a cuban cichlid and on the hunt for more. is it possible at 7 or so cm to sex them and what are the methods of sexing them? Thanks
  11. Im chasing a cuban and super green texas male, and a red sun flower horn or king kong/blood/mammon parrot.
  12. Hi all, have been looking around for fish lately and have not ben able to find a whole lot here, gumtree and pet link? what are some good Facebook pages to join for american cichlids and exotics? thanks
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