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  1. Note to self dont trust second hand heaters; With further testing on my thermometer I've concluded the heater is busted by placing my thermometer in a glass of icey water is lowered to under 10 degrees & while it was inside my african tank it was 31!!!!!! crazy how they are still alive when i have been cooking them for the past week! now to open the lid and get some fans going for a while guess heating my tank is out of the picture till the colder nights start hitting
  2. Hello guys so i recently started stocking cichlid display and in the last 2 days i have noticed that the fish are very scared & will only come out to eat even then 2 or 3 will stay back i currently have 9 cichlids in total there is no aggression coming from one fish its all the norm I have OB peacocks Blue peacocks Rusty cichlids & Dragon bloods if I use my led on white & blue settings they hide but when i set it to moon they become active swimming towards the front my test results are as follows to what kit i have PH; 7.5-8 ammonia; 0 Nitrates; 40-50ppm the tanks heater is currently set to 25 degrees I cant feel any electric currents or shocks within the water IF anybody has ANY idea's it would be greatly appreciated (TANK is in a low traffic area) Are they just scared of my mug? never had africans that are like this, its like a domino effect as soon as one spooks the rest follow as soon as one ventures out of his hiding hole the others follow lol, any suggestions?
  3. Time has come got a nice merry christmas surprise and have about 100 + albino longfin babies will have photos up soon of fry if anybody is interested,
  4. Haven't updated yet but went through a phase with girl looking bloating next minute she dropped a clutch! Now I got the male fanning a nice batch
  5. .Okay so rushing into things but getting it started just for some pointers and people's opinion on my pair! But here is my pair , now just set up a 3ft planted tank going to be adding the female in with the male tomorrow arvo (he is in there now) but will be keeping update on how they are going if anybody is interested ! Ps sorry if photos come sideways will fix that problem!! Any pointers on breeding tips , fry growth tips , and what to look for when culling , also best things to feed!
  6. Awesome build! Gonna love to see it filled with colourful Africans! Keep the updates coming ! Was a good read so far interested to see how its going soon !
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  8. Yeah wheres the updates on the tank with pics ?
  9. If you are only treating a fish its easier to buy one little thing of treatment, but if you have fish that fight or fish that feed aggressive and knick themselves a bit it will help for healing , also you if you have brackish fish... You can buy 30kg bags of pool salt for like $18. that will last a while !
  10. You don't need salt from your local fish shop they will charge you an arm and leg mate , you can use naturally evaporated sea salt from woolworths or Coles or pretty much anywhere , find out volume of your tank so width x length x height and look up a volume calculator on google, then once you find out your volume of water (xxxLt's) then add about 1/2 a cup of salt to every 10 gal (38L) and keep this up for about 2 weeks only adding salt after a water change
  11. No you don't need to remove 50% you usually will have nitrate in your fish tank it means your tank is cycled , and you only need to keep doing regular water change to brings the nitrates down , you fish food and pop starts off decomposing and becomes ammonia, before you know it ammonia has turned itself to nitrites which is still toxic !! , plants consume ammonia and so does water change and using prime condition, once your tank has gained nitrites they develop into nitrates which are less toxic for fish.. Then you just test your nitrate accordingly and keep on the water changes 50-80ppm is quite high probably do 30% water change and check your waters ph , with white spot you want to kill it so once you do a water change , turn the temp right up add some non iodised sea salt dissolved into your tanking or pool salt , and then watch your fish and levels for next couple of days if you change water give them a little bit more salt and try get some white spot cure and make sure you ask LFS to tell you how to dose and listen carefully
  12. .Got this female royal today , she is 20cm just wondering how long there life span is and how much it is worth ? It is not up for sale just seeing what they are worth
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