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  1. I agree but I've only got Ember Tetras and Pygmy Cories in the tank so I don't think that's possible.
  2. One of my ember tetras has damage to its tail. I'd like to determine whether it's an illness or not. I have recently moved things around in my tank so it is possible that it is physical damage. You can see in the photo that the top half of the fin has already fallen off. Briefly before the photo was taken the top half of the fin looked just like the bottom. I suspect the bottom half will fall off shortly. To me it looks like physical damage. I just want to get some other opinions in case I'm incorrect. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I've got a small all in one tank that I'm getting back into shape, unfortunately of around 80 LEDs built into the lid only 10 or so are working. What would be my cheapest option for lighting this tank? We have our first son on the way so I'm on a very tight budget at that moment. Thanks for your help, Ethan
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry about the photo quality, I'll have to get some more photos after dark when there isn't any glare. Are there any good books for identifying local native fish? I'm getting mixed messages searching on the internet. Thanks
  5. Here are some more photos. I think they all must be firetailed gudgeons (other than the shrimp). I was hoping to find some rainbows or blue eyes, maybe next time.
  6. Hi all, I used a couple of traps in Hilliards Creek over the weekend. I caught a few fish including the one in the attached photo. Could anyone help to ID it? I think it's fairly common. Is anyone able to provide advice on Identifying the fish myself? Thanks for your help
  7. Hey all. I've recently setup a cherry shrimp tank and have been taking a few photos. Here is one of the shrimp piling up to get there share of algae water.
  8. Hi all, I would like to look into this plant as a possible option for a new planted tank. I've tried searching myself but haven't managed to ID it from the photo. Can anyone here let me know what type of plant this is? (marked with a red arrow in the attached photo) Also is it growing from within lace java fern? That's what I think it is but I could certainly be wrong. Thanks, Asdfyuiop
  9. Hi all, Does anyone here have any experience using UpAqua Shrimp Sand? I wasn't sure whether or not it should be cleaned before going into the tank so I just gave it a clean and found it seemed to be getting dirtier and dirtier. I thought that maybe it was breaking down and wasn't supposed to be cleaned so I stopped. I've now put it into a tank and the water is super murky. Is this normal? If so how long will it take to clear? Am I better off turning off the filter and letting it settle to the bottom or running the filter to try and clear it? Thanks in advance, Asdfyuiop
  10. Hi all, I'm looking at setting up a 5 gallon planted tank. I'm going to set it up with low light plants as I want to keep the lighting costs minimal. What would be a good cheap lighting option for a tank 1 ft long and where would I be best to source it from? As far as filtration I have a small internal filter but have read that a sponge filter could be better as it keep the babies (assuming that my shrimp breed) safe. I would rather not use one as I've always heard they're no good and I would have thought that the plants would provide enough shelter from the filter. I want to spend some time cycling my tank before introducing any shrimp but when the time comes are there any people here living in the redland area who would be interested in selling some shrimp? Those are the main questions that I'm wondering at the moment. Any other tips would be great (eg hardy plants that would be suitable for this type of setup) Thanks in advance for all of your advice, Asdfyuiop
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