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  1. And a big thanks to DDF for you post last night, you do have some great points there. I have Larva Rock in my tank...not sure if you need that answer anymore but i didnt want you to think i was ignoring you. 17 Africans; 4 Electic Yellow, 5 Eletric Blues, 3 Peacocks, 2 Xmas Fulus, 1 Venustus, 1 Lombardi, 1 Moorii.
  2. Finally!!! Test results in and i have 0ppm Nitrate!! YAY! After days of worrying and water changes, turns out i had a doddgy test kit!. Thanks The Age Of Aquariums for you help and detective work today!! 8.0 Ph 0 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrate = Happy tank & Me!! Thankyou everyone for you words of wisdom and help, i really appreciate it.
  3. Buy i can buy some live shrimp from time to time as a "catch and eat treat" for the cichlids..... it wont upset their tummys?
  4. Thanks for all your help guys...i had a friend take the Bossy cichlid for me and now the tank has more movement and everyone seem happy and not afraid to swim around, think the bunch of fish i have now seeem quite happy with one another Shame caus i really likes the colours on that peacock, very bright! Thanks again
  5. I also add Easy life into the water changes and aqua star chlorine neutralizer. They wouldnt and shouldnt do anything crazy to my tank?? They are both measured out correctly.
  6. My canister filter is new, i brought it when i started the tank so its 4-5 months old and it still has the same filters in it as when i brought it. The white ceramic tubes on bottom, then a blue corse sponge, then the little brown balls, the the fine wool like filter on top. When i cleaned the filter yesterday ( with tank water) it seeme alittle dirty but nothing extreme, I tested the water about 5mins after the water change, but i did check it hours later again and i was still the same. The expiry on the product is fine. No dead fish anywhere and i gravel vac the entire floor maybe a month or so ago, got in and around rocks today and i must admit the foor look pretty sparkly! Sorry i forgot to put in that my external is an Eheim classic 350 and an otto internal. I tested my other tropical tank with the nitrate test kit just incase the kit is reading wrong and the results were great!! So im really getting annoyed with this stoopid nitrate stuff. If it wasnt for you guys i would be backed up into a corner rocking myself back and forth!! Lol Thats what i cant understand....why isnt the readings going down! I will test the water again tomorrow and see what it says.
  7. Thanks Betta, i just tested the tap water and i got a result of 5.0 ppm. A lovely orange/yellow colour instead of bright RED!! hahaha So what's that tell me? And yes Chris Tschumy i was thinking maybe a different test kit need to be tried? Im using API.
  8. I dont have a Nitrite test kit but when i went to my lfs, they tested nitrite and said it was fine. My Ammonia is 0ppm. I have just finished another 30-40% water change and just tested the water for nitrate and it is still high!! Hasn't changed abit...grrrrr!! I was told nitrate reading will change straight away after water changes, is this true or was i told a lie...
  9. Ummm, hard to explain how much.... like a pinch or two of food. They smash the food and its usually all gone in under a minute.
  10. Is there any type of shrimp that you can put in with African cichlids?? Just thought if you could it would be a nice little treat for em and a good way for them to try to ''catch'' their food...natural instinct.
  11. I am also feeding them New Life Spectrum, the brownish stuff is similar to the colour of that food,so i was wondering if it was discolouring everything. I feed enough that they all get a feed and there is nothing left anywhere! Give them 60 seconds and there is usually no food left! and i sometimes miss a day of feeding. hope this info helps.
  12. Yeah, i have a gravel vac that i use and i hit the spots where the poop sits.
  13. Hi guys, I have a slight problem!?. I have a 4ft tank with 17 African cichlids. I have an issue with brownish, powder like residue on my 3d background and on the lava rocks. Got my water tested and found out my nitrate is high (they said that could be a cause to the brownish stuff?) So i was told to do a 30-40 % water change everyday and i should see a slight differance in a day or two (which i haven't) I have an Eheim 350 classic external, Otto internal down the other end of the tank, which they have been cleaned (of course in tank water, not under the tap ) and i have done 30-40 % water changes three day running now and my test are; Nitrate: 160 Ammonia: 0 ppm Ph: 8.0 What's going on??? I thought i would see a slight differance but the nitrate is still high. Does it take awhile for nitrate levels to go down,if so how long? OR am i doing something wrong? I have had the tank for years but just recently changed back to cichlids and have been up and running for approx 4 months just about 5 months now, Please help and thankyou all for reading. P.s Is there anythin out there on the market to help me reduce the Nitrate. Cheers!
  14. Thanks guys!! I will reduce the tank lighting and may get a Bristlenose. Cheers
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