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  1. Thanks for the replies all. Ted I do the same as you, leave the lights off so it does not look so bad It does not always happen but at least 8/10 changes. Annoying...
  2. Thank you for your reply, not sure it is that though because it does not happen in the other tanks. Granted they are a lot smaller so a lot less water. 300 litre water change compared to 1000 litre.
  3. Most times I do a water change I get a cloudy tank that I assume is a bio bloom. Drives me crazy as it takes days to clear. I tested water prior to change today, ph6.2, Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates between 0 and 5. Tank and sump combined is 2000 litres. I change 50% of water, use 10 caps of Prime. Sump packed to the brim with K1, jap mat and matrix. Tank has been running for 3 years, has large Americans and a native. They are happy as Larry it is only me that gets annoyed. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong ?
  4. Fishhead could you please post a photo of your tank , pretty please
  5. Thank you pk333 I have seen that video I think you shared it on another thread. I have to agree about the state of some lfs discus. I did a recent tour and was shocked at the state of some of the fish, can you imagine the outcry if they were puppies/kittens and treated in the same way.
  6. I have just set up a 6x2x2 with my first discus so am following your post with interest
  7. I have a really beautiful pair that spawn all the time. If anyone would like to raise a batch of fry let me know and they are yours, I will suck them out before they become clown loach snacks.
  8. I think you are on the money with your very high nitrates. That would be a lot of stress for the fish. I have always done 50% water changes and not had a problem. If that was my tank I would go back to basics, leave the filter alone and do some big water changes every day if possible and see if that settles things down. Good luck, it is heart braking to have fish keep going to God.
  9. He is drab and ugly, you should get rid of him. I guess I could do you a favour and take him off your hands
  10. Beautiful fish, great photos. Thanks for sharing. More Americans James, you need more !!!!
  11. The filtration is a sump and a black drum. Tank has 4 outlets that drain in to the sump intl a filter sock, through dacron, than some rolls of gutter guard and jap matt. Next chamber is jap matt then K1 then ceramic balls, noodles, matrix etc into the last chamber. The pump is 17000l litres and sends 2/3 back to the tank to two inlets and the last third goes into a black drum full of K1 which drains back into the 2nd chamber of the sump through another filter sock. I have stashed some baby Freddies in the pump section which is probably not so smart but it was late after an auction and there they have been ever since. I try to do a 50% water change once a week on all my tanks. Water parameters are usually excellent until recently when I had to dose with Ivermectin but I was warned the bacteria would die off so I have been doing daily changes to combat the ammonia spike, all is settled again now though. Was interesting the K1 went from orange looking to bright white again as the bacteria died off, pity it does not work like that on teeth
  12. I made a video tonight, I am not sure why the water looks so milky and dirty as it is really nice and clear in reality. Was fun making it though.
  13. Welcome to the dark side James !!! Americans are so full of personalities, you will be addicted. Not sure about your Fishies, 1st one might be male but hard to tell.
  14. Thanks gentlemen you have solved a puzzle for me and my horse mates, they are definitely midge larva (thanks also google images). Always wondered what they were and never went past the standing at the trough cleaning and wondering stage. Much appreciated
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