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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys, I tried to get an post for my caves up and running with some pics, but soon found out that It isn't aloud,( to protect the sponsors, I think that's fair enough, ) So sorry to those that were looking forward to some pics. Cheers Tony
  2. Hi John, just playing around with some pics and setting up an album, that wasn't too painful.

    Then decided to post an add in the dry goods section for some of my caves and wares, still all good.

    I tried to edit the post and managed to resubmit it, so now it appears on there X 2,

    I couldn't work out how to delete one of them.

    Cheers Tony

  3. Hi all my name is Tony, I mainly keep L's Currently have the following breeding 066's, 134's, 201's, 270's & few others, and I also build slate breeding caves. Once I learn how to navigate the site I'll get some pictures up to show my wares. Cheers Tony
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