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  1. Okay good idea i will have a look around for fresh bait from tackle shops. And i will most likely sell my barra because he just dominates feed time. And i want my jack to be aggressive as they are ment to be. So ill give him some time alone and see how he goes. Thanks Joel
  2. Yeah thats what i was thinking. Do you buy your prawns from woolies? And i might get rid of the barra. I honestly didnt think the barra would intimidate a jack!
  3. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone could help me. I got a mangrove jack about 4 months ago for my brackish set up. He is about 15-17cm long and is in with a barra of similar size. The jacks are ment to be an agro fish and a awesome feeding fish. At feed time my barra dominates and my jack looks so timid. He eats pilchard chuncks off the bottom that the barra doesnt eat. I was told my jack would smash his food as soon as it hits the water. He is the opposite. Just wondering if this is normal for a juvie jack and will he get more agro as he matures? And how can i make him aggro like people say they are? Thanks Joel
  4. Mangrove jack purely for aggression and personality
  5. Everyone send in photos of your native predators!! Heres my little guy
  6. Dont worry i will especially when he is smashing livies
  7. Buy far my favourite fish. Although i cant wait for him to settle in and show his real agression!!!
  8. Just keep him alone. He will kill anything else
  9. Haha i noticed it after i posted it! How do i fix it up
  10. I finally got my jack after a hard search i found one locally. I got it home today amd seems to be doing well exploring his new tank. I have a few feeder fish an a herring in there but im not expecting him to eat until he settles in. I will post some photos soon
  11. Jus wondering if its a good idea of soaking drift wood from my property or will it contain deadly bacteria, pathogens ect? And how to eliminate that problem! Cheers
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