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  1. my best so far is eheim 400 no noise at all and no vibration i love it
  2. shon just helped me with shipping to emerald and was awsome to deal with if your after tangs than he is your man send him a msg and you will most likely be surprised
  3. you could paint the roof with solar gaurd they recon it can drop a standard non painted tin roof from 60+ degrees in summer to about 30 degrees
  4. chocked on a load from 1 of the others perhaps. Im not sure
  5. you could just bury one open end in substrate if your using any in your breeding tanks
  6. 2 guppies ya dont want to overcrowd it maybe a mystery snail to clean up all the mess
  7. so just had a long read trying to get the answer as i dont know and im new i havn't seen this before and know nothing about previous problem and dont want to know but i am left on the edge of my seat wondering what to look for to easily distinguish the 2 so big rock send me a pm to ease my suspence ,its killing me i want answers god dam it LOL
  8. cool thanks mate ordered a frysaver today and am going to look at setting up a grow out tank for the future
  9. i was wondering bout that too so they wont last with the others at all
  10. thanks tutters yeah they have a good space between them ill see if i can add a pick of how i set it up for them
  11. hi all i picked up some brevis the other day just wondering what size/age they normally are when they start to breed they are currently 2cm to 3.5cm and i have 9 in a 4 foot with 21 shells 2 have paired up in a group of 5 shells female is in and out but male isnt going into her shell at all will the other fish hinder breeding or is this adequete room for these guys the other 7 know to keep there distance and rarely go near them any breeding advice at all welcome thanks in advance Aaron
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