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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to track down some Swordtails. In particular some quality Showa or Koi swordtails, preferably the lyre tail variety if possible. I have made a few inquiries with little success. So does anyone out there have any or know of some for sale? I am happy to import for the right ones, so if any of our sponsors have any ideas it would be much appreciated. Also I found some on an old youtube page from 'Blue Planet Aquatics' in Singapore, does anyone know if any retailers import through them? Anyway any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan
  2. Thanks for the info, I will try to have a look at these on the weekend.
  3. Hi guys, I am asking for a friend who is not on the forum. They recently had the front of their 5 foot fish tank crack. I believe it was a Sun Sun or Daziran (with the curved sides and straight front) Anyway it will be covered new for old, by insurance, however i need to chase down a quote. I have already gone to the sponsor web sites but can't find any the same size. You see the occasional one for sale online but these are all 4 foot max. I also went to the Sun Sun web site (Chinese site) which had limited information however it looks like they don't have a 5 foot tank with the curved sides anymore. Would anyone have any links to Sun Sun products/tanks, or if you are a supplier do you have these available or do you import them? or recommend a similar product. Thank-you in advance. PS, I know the Sun Sun range get a bit of Sh*t for their reputation, but curved sides look good. Here is an example of the tank we are looking for. Thanks again
  4. Would 2 males and 2 females be ok together. I have one pair but not breeding. Would they be ok in the same tank

  5. Thanks guys for taking the time to reply. I think I will try to get a school of 10/12 German Leptosoma Utinta. I would love to have a few Orange Cap Ventralis but I have researched and found mixed reports. Some saying that the Leptosoma and Ventralis would harass each other too much and get in the way of any breeding. I am thinking about a separate 4 foot tank for the Ventralis, but would much rather them to be in my display with the leptos.
  6. Hi guys, I thought I would throw out a few questions and see if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I am keen to start a colony of Leptosoma in my 5 long x 1.5 wide x 2.5ft high tank. I would like them to be the predominate fish in the tank. I have been looking for a few weeks now and found there to be heaps of different types, however I am leaning towards the utinta. I noticed these have blue, yellow and red tails. And sometimes they are referenced as neon or fluorescent variety. The attached picture is of a Fluorescent variation . Now for my questions, and apologies in advance if they don’t make much sense: My preference would be for a brighter blue or fluorescent variety, but is there any difference between these and the other utinta’s? Are these fluorescent/neon varieties some sort of hybrid or is it just selective breeding? As I understand a pair utinta’s with a blue tail can throw yellow tails and vice versa. If I was to have a couple of red tails in the school would this be an issue as I hope to bred and sell some of the fry? Will different types of lepto’s interbred or could I have the utinta’s and perhaps Jumbo’s in the same tank? I also have a small school of Paracyprichromis nigripinnis I would assume these will not breed with the lepto’s? Also any advice on tank mates would be appreciated. I have a pair of leleupi which I am concerned they would eat the lepto fry. They are good with their own but I am not sure if they can be trusted. I have a few multi’s I was thinking about putting in with them? Perhaps similis? Or perhaps ventralis or would they pick of the fry? Any advice would be much appreciated as I do not want to outlay $$ for a school only to find I will have issues with the cross breeding etc. Thanks Dan
  7. The corflute is in the timber section. Usually on the horizontal shelves under the pine moulding or next to the mdf. Just ask one if the staff. They should know what your after.
  8. I grab the Corflute fromm Bunnings. It is in the timber section, usually next to the ply wood or MDF. There is 3 and 5mm. I would get the 5mm as it will be a little stronger.
  9. Hi Guys, I sometimes see on the forum, questions about or help to find tank dividers, which usually means egg creates or similar. I thought I would post my DIY option which is cheap, removable and also keeps your fry separated within your tank. I use 5mm “Corflute” which is a hollow plastic sheet, fly screen (fiberglass not aluminum) and some fish tank friendly silicone. (Bunnings or similar has all this in stock) It cost about $25 to make 6 dividers for my four foot tanks and took about 1.5hrs. The construction is as follows: Mark out your corflute. Make sure you allow 1 or 2 mm wider than your tank, so when you insert it flexes and therefore remains in position. The size of the fly screen cut outs is up to you, I allowed about 50mm around the outside which gives a large open area for water flow. Cut out all your pieces using a Stanley knife. I did it on a piece of cardboard in the garage so the concrete floor does not blunt your knife. Using the waste from the inserts you will need to cut out strips, maybe 30mm wide. These strips are used to neatly hold the fly screen in place. Cut out your fly screen wider than your cutouts. 30mm larger on each side is a good amount. Silicone it all together. 1. Lay a bead of silicon around your cutout 2. Place the fly screen over the cutout out 3. Place 30mm strips around your cutout to hold the fly screen in place. I used Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant which is fish tank friendly. Make sure you cure it for the recommended time before you place it in your tank. Finished item in the tank. I hope this give you another option for dividing your tank. Good Luck
  10. Thanks all for the comments. I used an Industrial strength pressure cleaner it looked like it took all the green off until it dried and I looked at it again today, where I found it be slightly green again. I wet it again and you could not see much of the green as per the pic. The piece was always off white with a few darker areas. Oh well I will put it in the tank and see how it goes. If it bothers ne too much i will give the bleach a try.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I might try the pressure wash first. Has anyone tryed the bleach idea. Once soaked in dechlorinator would it be ok to but back in the tank?
  12. Hi guys, This may have been a lesson learned the hard way, however I recently dosed my tank with a fungal multi cure (recommended dosage) and some of my Texas Holey Rock has turned green along with a few shells. As you can see the large piece has totally discolored and only a small amount on this small pieces. The large piece was never bright white, rather a dirty white, however green is really not a great look. Has anyone got some answers as to fix the problem or would it be a wait and see if it fades? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank-you in advance.
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