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  1. You simply will not find a better shop in South East QLD. Actually, come to think of it I personally haven't been to a better shop anywhere.
  2. While you're at work getting an IBC for yourself Mitchy get one for me mate
  3. Thanks for the warning but yeah of course they are watching. Not sure why you mentioned Peacock Bass though mate as they are not a Noxious Species. I don't think they are on the import list either though so not sure where they stand. However I have seen them for sale in LFS lately so i'd imagine that means u can do what u like with them just can't be caught importing them.
  4. Haven't been to Smiths yet JP but will definitely check it out next time I'm in Brissy. Pet city is always good for a look. I was just blown away with both range and price of livestock at Exotic.
  5. Just went to exotic fish connections at Rocklea today for the first time and holy s*^t it is unreal. It is by far the best aquarium for live stock I myself have ever been to. The range and price were both sensational. Some awesome display tanks. Lucky I don't live near it or I would be broke with the best tanks ever
  6. Peacock Bass at the Gold Coast in the wild??? Don't think so unheatedtank but if you can tell me where I will go try and catch me some Please tell me it's true. Probably not a good thing environmentally but if they're already there I am gonna enjoy it while I can. And bring them home and put them in my tank of course .
  7. Hey guys got home from work yesterday to notice my F1 Mpimbwe Blue Frontosas have bred. I bought them about 3 years ago at a very small size from Pet City at Mt Gravatt for 60 bucks each. Wierd thing is they bred in my 6x2x2 housed with a large rivulatus, large Oscar, synodontus eupterus, bullrout, venustus, and an aceii. Didn't think I had any chance nor was I trying to breed them with such a mix of fish. This is their first batch and we stripped 52 large eggs from her today. Here's hoping we hatch a lot of them. Cheers, Mick.
  8. Is anyone else not amazed at how cheap these fish are in Singapore. I was astounded. If I didn't love my job so much I would consider a move :-) Singapore is a pretty sweet spot.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. Guess i wasn't as much shocked by how expensive our fish are(although some are horrendously expensive). Was more shocked by how extremely cheap the same sort of fish are in Singapore. Pretty crazy but the reasons have been covered by some of you guys so thanks heaps.
  10. Keegan013 that's true in a lot of cases mate. But neither Peacock Bass or Redtail Catfish are native to Singapore. Both are South American natives. Like the other guys have said it must just be because they are harder to get hold of here. Just thought someone might have some detail about why, whether it be our government charging more to import them then the Singapore goverment, etc.
  11. And i totally agree Brisxr6t, if I couldn't afford this hobby i wouldn't be in it, lucky I can :-)
  12. Like majority of threads there are some excellent contributions and some atrocious ones. Procull- wasn't whinging at all mate, just questioning. Knew that there would be atleast one boofhead with a reply like yours, thanks for your 'contribution.' Brisxr6t, not questioning the prices of shops mate, as they have overheads to cover and profits to make. More the prices of fish in general, and moreso the prices of fish that are considered premium for lack of a better word. Like i said guys, not knocking anyone for selling fish at these prices and i have and will be 100% happy to pay them. But look at the difference in price that i stated in my fist post. It's huge and that's why i'm questioning it. For those that have given valuable input, thanks.
  13. Hey guys, Did a bit of searching this forum before posting this so I wasn't bringing up the same issues. I understand there has been alot of threads relating to the prices some pet shops charge for fish. I also understand that alot of this relates to the fact that as citizens of this great nation we unfortunately are faced with having the highest average cost of living in the world. During my searching of this forum and monsterfishkeepers.com i couldn't believe the discrepencies in the prices we charge eachother. I recently bought 6 Peacock Bass Monocular from trk18 (Trev) for a price that was pretty cheap when compared to other breeders in South East QLD (thanks Trev!) However on monsterfishkeepers a bloke in Singapore was selling 5 PBass of different breeds and between 6 and 10 inches long for $120 for the lot! There was also recently a post on here a guy was selling Red Tail Catfish for 650 bucks. Another man in Singapore on monsterfishkeepers was selling one that was 10 inches long for $45, couldn't sell it and reduced it to $35, unbelievable. This post is in no way having a go at the breeders here, i'm merely questioning why the hell are our (prestige) fish so bloody expensive in relation to prices overseas.
  14. That's an awesome setup mate. Job well done!
  15. Hey guys, I haven't got around to introducing myself yet so here it is. I'm Mick, from Toowoomba and have been keeping fish for about 15 years now. Up until recently ive owned a 6x2x2 mixed display tank and a 4x2x1ish coffe table tank housing bristlenose. Last week I picked up a bargain fully setup 10x2.5x2.5 with sump, lights, heaters, media, gravel, etc for $850 with the intent on putting Peacock Bass in it. I have pm'd trk18 to see if he has any available and I was thinking of growing out 6. Is that a good number for my tank size and would you recommend any tank mates(pleco, Saratoga, others)? Really enjoying the wealth of information on this forum. Cheers, Mick.
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