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  1. Live black worms

    Downstream aquatics, they got some fs last time I was there. Maybe give them a call to check first?
  2. Sera half price bucket bargains!!!!

    Anyone at south side of brisy interested to share Sera San Colour Flake 1kg $30ea?
  3. Its freshwater sponge, harmless to fish, normally harmless to plants as well but anubias rihzome cant be buried so best to clean it off with a toothbrush or sth. Think I overheard its a good indicator that your tank is healthy, just like seed shrimps, but I have no evidence to back it up lol.
  4. Hey grubby, think I got at least 4 battery air pumps sitting around, feel free to borrow them if you need to!
  5. LFS Tour

    Aspley pet centre, think they are having 20% on everything.
  6. L066 and L134

    L066 is hypancistrus sp and l134 is Peckoltia Compta so nope they wont cross breed. L066 is carnivore, so algae eating species like l002 or l397 are not recommended to place in same tank as they can't handle meaty food well (bloat). Algae eater you best go with otto catfish (best with algae on plants/driftwood), hillstream loach (best with algae on glass) or darwin red-nose/darwin algae shrimp. L066 are bloody hard to sex, recommended take some good pictures and ask around lol
  7. pacific blue eyes

    I got some fs, 1m 5f for $30. Or take whole colony (2m10f) for $50. Females are fat and ready to breed again. Im at 8 mile plains.
  8. Hi just wondering if you had moss for sale? Cheers

  9. Microworm start out

    U can also cover the top with tissue/rubber band or gladwrap and poke holes with needle
  10. are Pleco compatible with Discus?

    Wat type of algae? If its green algae that grow on glass id recommend hillstream loach, I keep them with discus too
  11. Praziquantel is safe for bn and pleco, I have used it myself. Id recommend treat every single tank, and use condy crystal/potassium premanganate to disinfect all your net and bucket. Kusuri will be cheaper, but kusuri works by starving the parasite so may take weeks to kill, praziquantel work faster.
  12. Kusuri flubendazole wont kill worms immediately, they act via starving the worms in a few weeks time. For servere infection you can use what mention above pancur or big L.
  13. Wtb dwarf baby tears Gold Coast

    I forgot I can upload pics from phone! Hope it works, And got little crypt lutea pots $5each Crypt spiralis, 6in tall $5 Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  14. Wtb dwarf baby tears Gold Coast

    Got a 10cm diameter lush HC pot fs, $15, can send pics. But im at eight mile plains. Can express post at ur risk n cost
  15. G&J Maher aquariums.

    My mate is selling his G & J 6ft display tank, silding lids, wooden cabinet, ada soil and river sand. He is after $550