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  1. I've been very disappointed to see the decline in the conditions the bettas are kept in at my local pet store. They used to be great, but since a new manager came into the aquarium section, they always seem to have velvet and dirty, cloudy water, clamped fins, and even a few dead ones sitting on the shelves. I want to save them all, but just don't have the tank space or budget to do so. Poor little things.
  2. That temperature is too hot for your BN. You shouldn't really go over 28 for them. Also, you should make sure the medication is ok for scaleless fish. If it mentions half doses for scaleless fish, I'd recommend taking the BN out of the tank until you cure the guppies.
  3. I do pretty much the same.... IAL and salt. I used about 1tsp of salt to 5 litres for a nasty case. Only ever had to resort to medications once.
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  5. I had IALs on the surface, and large swords that broke the surface. He built nest under most of the floating stuff, and along 2 sides of the tank. It was EVERYWHERE. And this is the largest female we have... she is enormous. She's almost as big as my half giant! Wondering if she may have been a little big for him. She's a bit larger than he is, almost twice as round too. They tore each other to shreds, but fins are already healing.
  6. Well daddy ate all of the eggs within an hour of removing the female. Maybe next time!
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  8. This is Ra and Shiva. I am absolutely amazed at this to be honest. Shiva has only ever liked one fish before, and he was absolutely terrified of her. She has killed 2 males and is aggressive as all hell. I even had a little danger sticker on her tank labeling her the "Man eating fatty". I moved these two into the same barrack about 4 days ago and voila, she won't stop being stripey. Let them in together last night and this is what we have today. There are a lot of eggs in that nest!
  9. I suggest very clean water until the cuts clear up. You could try using one of those preventative medicines to ward off bacterial or fungal infections. Might give them a little help repairing, and they may be less likely to get an infection. We use pimafix and melafix. Easy Life is meant to be ok for support too.
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  11. One day I will have a wall like that... one day. Living in a small place at the moment, so I don't have a lot of space. Just looking to be more efficient with cleaning, heating and space. I went over to AoA yesterday and they're checking what's available for me.
  12. I could only find plastic ones on their website :/
  13. Hi guys, I'm about to upgrade from jars to glass barracks with the section at the back for filtration and heating, but I've never looked into them before so don't really know what's out there. There doesn't seem to be many places that sell them. All I seem to find are crappy plastic ones or small glass ones with no back section. I'm after some smaller setups - single cube high (necessary for my space constraints) and 4 - 12 cubes long. I have 16-20 fish to house, so I'm after a couple. Where did you get yours from?
  14. We used to have gold fish in our horse trough. The surface would freeze solid in winter and it'd be -5, but they were fine. Depends on the fish, their health/age and the conditions they live in. I have bettas and most of my fish are fine in the cooler temperatures with just lights and insulation around the tanks but a couple of them are getting on and I think the cold will kill them.... so I'll heat those. Also, if the temperature drops too low, they'll all get heated. I love all of my pretties and wouldn't want to lose any to my own carelessness.
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